IWA Chargers win against PCS Patriots, 38-6

Published 4:44 pm Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Isle of Wight Academy Chargers apparently didn’t let a little thing like rain slow them down on Friday when they went to Portsmouth Christian. A good thing, too, for it was there the Chargers defeated the Patriots 38-6.

IWA had earned 7 points in the first quarter; 12 in the second; 6 during the third; and lucky 13 for the final.

PCS’ scoring was 0; 6; 0; and 0.

Charger Donald King had a 2-yard run, and a kick from Tre Powell. King would later get a 68-yard punt return, but that kick failed, as did the ones for Colton Heard (13-yard run); K.J. Jackson (60-yard fumble return); and Damond Turner (12-yard run).

James Ricks had a 30-yard interception return with Powell kicking.

Portsmouth Christian Patriot Mykal Marraccini achieved a 33-yard run, but that ultimately failed.

The IWA record is 1-1; Portsmouth Christian 0-1.

The Chargers host Fredericksburg Christian on Friday, Sept. 9.