Larger no-wake zone suggested for Nottoway

Published 11:25 am Friday, May 27, 2016

The Southampton County Board of Supervisors next month will hold a public hearing with regard to the possible addition of a no-wake zone to the Nottoway River, just east of the General Vaughan Bridge on Smith’s Ferry Road.

There are currently four separate zones on this section of the river, starting with the public board landing near the bridge through the former Dockside restaurant in the Nottoway Shores Subdivision.

The two other zones are established in between these two near the bend in the river and extend to a point where the Blackwater and Nottoway rivers nearly meet.

“It’s been suggested that you might want to consider basically incorporating this gap that’s between the zones right now,” county administrator Mike Johnson said. “The problems that are experienced are because this is a relatively short area — about 1,000 linear feet — that folks idle through and accelerate as soon as they leave the no-wake zone and then wait to decelerate until they get right to the buoys, which throws a substantial wake on the shoreline. It’s the same thing in reverse for boats traveling north on the river, so it’s been suggested that you [the supervisors] consider making this all one very long zone to eliminate the gap.”

The proposed no-wake zone would stretch 3,650 feet.

“Sounds like a good thing to me,” vice chairman Ronald West said. “I know how boaters do. They gun it until [they hit the no-wake zone] and then back off of it. Then they gun it again.”

The Board of Supervisors will convene for their next regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Monday, June 27, at 7 p.m.