Broken promises flood election season

Published 9:09 am Saturday, May 14, 2016

It’s broken promises that have earned both Jeb Bush and Lindsay Graham a lack of respect from Republican voters.

Throughout social media, conservative anger toward Bush and Graham equals that of Roman Senator Cato the Elder who ended speeches with, “…and Carthage must be destroyed.”

Today, conservatives begin and end their diatribes with “Bush and Graham must go,” or epithets to that extent.

Donald Trump is the nominee, and for those of us who supported other candidates (this writer supported Scott Walker, “a workhorse, not a show pony” and then Ted “I didn’t come to Washington to make friends, I came to fight for limited government” Cruz), know this: any cabinet built by “the bloviating hyperbolist” will do less damage to our country than “Crooked Hillary,” the scheming political profiteer.

This is one of the most important elections in recent history if for no other reason than we have three aging Supreme Court justices who will likely be replaced within the next presidential term.

Sure, there’s no guarantee Trump will nominate Constitution-respecting conservatives to the Supreme Court. But it’s certain Hillary won’t.

It’s the reason Jeb and Graham need to put on their big boy pants and help Trump win.

Anthony Kennedy is 79 years old, four months younger than the late Antonin Scalia.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is 83.

Stephen Breyer is 77.

Antonin Scalia’s philosophy was to judge whether cases brought to the Supreme Court truly merited a review by the Supreme Court, or if those cases constitutionally belonged to the states or congress.

Liberal justices lean toward judging cases based upon their own perceptions of current social values.

Both Jeb and Graham pledged to support the eventual Republican nominee, figuring Trump would never be the candidate they’d be forced to back.

They were wrong, so now they break their promise, like Jeb’s dad when he promised, “no new taxes.”

In 2014, Americans sent Republicans to Congress to fight President Obama’s overreach and defund Obamacare, which is failing millions. They also promised to defund Obama’s executive amnesty and attach spending cuts to every increase in the debt ceiling.

They lied.

Last September at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, Lindsey Graham confessed, “I’m tired of telling people things they want to hear that I know we can’t do.”

Trump’s success was built on the promises and lies of both parties, especially Republicans in the Class of 2014.

I have written about the dangers of Trump being truly liberal, and have not changed that opinion. He will be an “inside-the-beltway” president with a cabinet of insiders and insider advisers.

I’ll be surprised if any of his cabinet has no experience in a political realm.

Hillary, whose campaign is focused on the dangers of Trump, is more dangerous.

We have seen her sell out America as Secretary of State, especially in giving U.S. uranium production to Russia in exchange for Russia and other related foreign entities funneling millions into the Clinton Foundation.

Her Victory Fund fundraisers have “given” $61 million to state Democratic parties, only to require those state parties to give so much of that money to both DNC and her own campaign that it leaves only 1 percent with the states, according to estimates done by Politico

It’s a level of dishonesty that Democrats seem to be able to live with.

Obama has broken a litany of promises, such as closing Guantanamo, which he likely knew would never happen. He knew millions of Americans would lose their insurance policies, doctors and children’s specialists under Obamacare, but pushed it through anyway. How about his promises to create an “unprecedented level of openness” in his government and to promote “stimulus” as an agenda to repair infrastructure?

In fact, Obama has so many failed promises that popular website lists range from “Top Ten” to “Top 25,” Top 50,” and even a couple of sites that promote “1,202 well sourced examples of Obama’s lying, lawbreaking, corruption, cronyism, hypocrisy, waste, etc.”

Maybe liberal Democrats are more readily forgive their candidates’ broken promises, thievery and lies.

Conservative Republicans don’t seem to forgive broken promises so easily.

RICK JENSEN is Delaware’s award-winning conservative talk show host on WDEL, streaming live on from 1pm to 4pm EST. Contact Rick, or follow him on Twitter @Jensen1150WDEL.