Chargers’ volleyball seniors ready for a great last season

Published 12:10 pm Saturday, September 12, 2015

IWA Volleyball Seniors: Molly Pittman, Myranda Waugh, Hunter Baylous, Trish Webb and Rachael Caterbone -- SUBMITTED

IWA Volleyball Seniors: Molly Pittman, Myranda Waugh, Hunter Baylous, Trish Webb and Rachael Caterbone — SUBMITTED

The Isle of Wight Chargers varsity volleyball team is off to a good start this season. The team is 3 and 1.

They have beaten Williamsburg Christian and Portsmouth Christian in their conference and Tidewater Academy in an out-of-conference matchup. The lone loss came on Sept. 8 in a four-match set to Denbigh

The team has six returning starters (five seniors and one junior), six juniors who moved up from junior varsity and one new junior who is new to volleyball altogether.

Both the coaches and the players are excited about this season so far.

“As coaches we are excited about this volleyball season,” coaches Jessica Brock and Cheryl Brooks said. “We have a great group of talented juniors and seniors. These girls are showing a real desire to win and will be very competitive this season. We are excited to see how far this group of girls will go.”

Brock added that she has “coached many of these senior girls since the 8th grade, so they are a special part of our volleyball program. To see them grow both as players and people is very special.”

The seniors gave their thoughts on the season so far and how sad they were to watch their high school volleyball career end.

Rachael Caterbone said, “A lot of the senior girls have been playing together for a long time and I hope we go very far this season.”

Myranda Waugh said, “I have had so much fun playing volleyball and I wouldn’t want to play with any other group of girls for my senior year”

Molly Pittman added in, “It’s upsetting to know this is my last year playing high school volleyball, but I wouldn’t trade my team for any other one. They are amazing and have made the season amazing so far.”

Hunter Baylous stated, “This team is like my family and I’m so glad to be playing with them for my senior year.  I think we are going to do well this season because we all have been with each other since middle school.”

Trish Webb said, “I’m really going to miss the girls and coaches, the loud obnoxious bus rides, the yeets, the whips and the quans during practice, all the unhealthy but delicious food we ate and everything in between. I wouldn’t want my senior year to be any different”

Isle of Wight’s next game is against Hampton Christian School on Sept. 14. The contest starts at 6:30 p.m.