‘Grassroots movement’ forming for candidate

Published 9:58 am Friday, July 24, 2015

Five people so far are seeking the Democratic nomination to become the next President of the United States, and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont is among them. Were the election held today, Jay Gunn of Franklin would likely be voting for him. But until Election Day, he is looking for other people who also are interested in Sanders enough to join in support.

“We are a grassroots movement,” Gunn said about his hosting a meeting at home next Wednesday, July 29.

He added that interest in the candidate is “growing by leaps and bounds.” Gunn figured there would be 1,500 other such gatherings that day in people’s houses, library conference rooms, etc., wanting to learn more about Sanders and what he has to offer the country as president.

So far, about 11 to 12 people have signed up to attend the local meeting. Space is limited, but there’s room for a handful more. Go to www.berniesanders.com and click on the link “Attend Events” to register. People may also call 621-2912 for details. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m., and should last no more than two hours. During which, visitors will learn about Sanders and strategies to organize and campaign locally.

“I just received word that Senator Sanders will, indeed, speak live to the thousands of people gathered in homes, halls and meeting rooms around the country,” Gunn said.

Asked why the candidate is so appealing, he said, “Bernie Sanders has an economic plan that’s almost ‘back to the future.’ He has a lot of Franklin Delano Roosevelt-type programs. He wants to expand Social Security, enforce the Glass-Steagall Act [a reform of the commercial banking system], and expand Medicaid to the point of a single payer plan. He has as real strategy for closing the wealth gap in America.”

“Over 90 percent of the the population is not seeing the effects of growth in the economy,” Gunn continued. “Sanders has strategies for shrinking the wealth gap and preserving the middle class.”

But the message is not one appealing only to Democrats. The Franklin host believes that the senator is able to “speak across party lines,” and added that Sander, has reportedly had favorable reception in both Texas and Arizona — both Red states (i.e., predominately Republican) — where several thousand people came to hear him speak.

“No matter where he goes, he’s picking up people,” Gunn said. “I think if people really take the time to find out about him, his message will resonate.”

Gunn said that during a recent visit to Michigan, he got a favorable response from people who saw him wearing clothing and buttons printed with Sanders’ name.

“I think he’s really tapped into the issues that are very important to people,” Gunn said. “People are feeling really positive.”