Dukes netters record win

Published 11:13 am Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Windsor High School boys tennis team earned an 8-1 victory against host Appomattox Regional Governor’s School on Wednesday.

Daniel Klausmeier handily defeated Andrew Tolleris 6-0, 6-1 on the No. 1 court, but many of the other matches were close. In the first set on the No. 2 court, Brenton Baugh battled Ethan Bales 6-6, but Bales picked up the tiebreaker 7-3, and went on to win the second set 6-1.

On the No. 3 court, Stephen Hurst picked up the first set 6-2, but Jason Hwang turned it around on him and took the second set 6-0. In a 10-point tiebreaker, Hurst had to win 12 games to take match victory.

No. 4 Matthew Ozorosky handed Windsor its lone match loss, defeating Derek Klausmeier 6-1, 6-0.

The lower seeded contests were not much of that, as Lucas Cussick didn’t lose a single game in his victory against Cameron Wooddy. No. 6 Donald Rice defeated Jeron Duhart 6-0, 6-1.

Baugh and Hwang gave the team of Bales and Hurst some trouble, but the Dukes’ pair ultimately prevailed 8-4 on the No. 2 court. The Klausmeier brothers won 8-2, as did Cussick and Rice.

The Dukes (6-2) host Smithfield (7-3) Friday afternoon at 4 o’clock. The last time Windsor faced the 4A team in Smithfield, the Packers won 9-0.