Let’s talk about …snow

Published 10:53 am Friday, February 28, 2014

by Rachel Hancock

Everyone knows that snow is a great time for children to get out of school and have fun with snowmen and snow angels. But whoever says that the parents can’t join in? If you are off work for the day, why not join in the fun? Give yourself and your children something to remember later on.

Just because it seems childish to be catching snowflakes on your tongue or throwing snowballs at each other does not mean that you have to be afraid to do it. Sometimes playing with some of the children can help make sure that they are safe. Being there if one of the children gets too close to the road, or if there is even bullying going on, having a responsible adult or teenager can make a difference.

But if you absolutely refuse to go outside or your family is not one to go outside to play in the cold, then there are other things that can bring happy feelings and memories for everyone. I know that my own mother does not like to leave the house when it snows. She likes to watch the old-timey TV shows all day because it was what she used to when she was little. I don’t really like to watch the old shows, so I usually go to my room and paint while listening to music. It really calms my nerves, and it became a nice reprieve after having a lot of schoolwork.

One day, my father wanted to put in some yard lights so the family can get together and watch the snow fall. There are other families I am sure like to cuddle up with hot chocolate and watch a movie or listen to some music. These simple, warming experiences are some of what makes winter wonderful.

Snow days are also a nice time to re-watch some of those winter movies or make some snow cream for everyone to enjoy. Doing things together is the most important part about snow days. If you like to read, why not get the family collected and read some favorite book, or have each of the members read their own book? One of the things that my family used to do if we had a power outage, but it can work on a snow day, is sitting around the living room and singing songs or telling stories. It is one of my favorite things about not having any power: when we would burn the candles, and we would sing whatever song we wanted to.

Besides all of this, I know that some of you are ready for spring to get here, and you are right along with me. But remember this cool weather when we have the hot summer air in just a few months. But until then, I think just about all of us are ready for the warmer weather and the smell of new flowers in the air, and no more snow.

RACHEL HANCOCK is a junior at at Southampton High School. She can be contacted at rachelhancock97@yahoo.com