Southampton Raiders defeat rival Tidewater Academy

Published 10:57 am Friday, January 17, 2014

COURTLAND—Two longtime rivals, the Warriors of Tidewater Academy and the Raiders of Southampton Academy, duked it out on Tuesday in Courtland. Warrior Head Coach Walter Westbrook credited the 43-31 win by the Raiders to a complete game.

Cam Hines on a layup -- Frank Davis | Tidewater News

Cam Hines on a layup — Frank Davis | Tidewater News

The first quarter was slow as both teams were feeling each other out, but as the quarter progressed the Raiders took the upper hand on offense, and led 13-6 by the end of the quarter.

The slow offensive play continued into the second quarter. Daniel McKenney for the Warriors hitting two of three free throws closed the score to 15-10 midway through the quarter. The Warriors outscored the Raiders for the quarter 6-4, but were trailing 17-12 by the end of the half.

Going back on the hard wood after the half, the Warriors came to life and again barely outscored the Raiders with 12-11 points. The Warriors going underneath to the big man Elanté Drew, who dropped in nine points for the quarter. The visitors battled and closed the score to 26-24 with 1:16 left on the clock. Again by the end of the quarter, the home team was still ahead and continued to hold the lead with a score of 28-24.

Going into the final quarter play was stopped for over a half an hour as staff assisted an injured Warrior. Returning back to live action after the delay, Raider Johnny Tribbett was on fire as he pumped in three 3-pointers that pushed their lead to 34-24. With 4:19 seconds remaining in the game, the Raiders were up 36-26, when they started to slow the game down. By the 1:28 mark, the freeze had been successful, as they held the lead at 40-28.

The final quarter proved to be the best scoring quarter for the Raiders, as they outscored the Warriors 15-7.

Two Raiders had double figures, with Tonee Hill having 19 points and Tribbett with 12 points. For the visiting Warriors, Drew was the only player in double figures, scoring 16 points.

Raider Head Coach Jim Tribbett was thrilled with the win and stated that it was their sixth straight win. He said, “for this to be the third week in January it is good that the team is doing well on both offense and defense.”