Isle of Wight Parks and Rec youth win in soccer tourney

Published 10:40 am Wednesday, November 13, 2013


ISLE OF WIGHT—On Nov. 9, Isle of Wight County Parks and Recreation played the championship games for the fall youth soccer league. The winners of the tournaments were:

6&7 Blue Thunder coached by Justin Worrell and Walton Bondurant-Team Members: William Bauman, Walton Bondurant IV, Laura Branch, Antonio Chambers, Samuel Chambers, Rhea Khanna, Ian Lindsay, Rylee Lowe, Avery Smith and Abigail Worrell

8&9 G-Force coached by Dyrone Bailey-Team Members: Elise Bailey, Eli Bosch, Kenneth Branch, Bradley Davis, Dekou Frye Jr., Lindsey Gibble, Avianna Kiersch, Jennaveve Kiersch, Landon Weeks, Cade White and Aleks Wilson

10&11 Killer Bees coached by Jason Gray-Team Members: Marcus Achenbach, Channing Acree, Josie Altizer, Jack Blair, Kyle Deaton, Bendan Domzal, Devin Fitzgerald, Derek Gentle, Hatteras Gray, Maggie Howerton, Carlee Pallett, Jessica Quinn, Connor Spinks

12-15 Titans coached by Thomas Thompson and James Barefoot-Team Members: Nicholas Balentine, Camden Barefoot, Rylee Barefoot, Wesley Black, Amanda Blair, Lisa Blair, Beau Byrum, Megan Domzal, Ethan Grady, Carter Greer, Raymond Harris, Kirk Ring, Jenna Thompson, Simon Thompson and Zachary Thompson

Congratulations to all the winners.