Dukes golf ends season 14-14

Published 11:10 am Thursday, October 17, 2013

WINDSOR—Dukes golf coach Broc Smith said this season has been a learning experience for his students.

“We are in a new district,” Smith said. “We don’t have the same level of competition. It has been raised significantly.”

“My kids are learning. It is a rebuilding year,” he continued, saying that most of them were freshmen and sophomores.

The new division consists of Franklin, Greensville, Parkview, Southampton, Surry and Sussex.

“We usually beat the teams that came over with us from the old district,” Smith said. “We haven’t beat anyone from our new conglomeration. It is definitely a learning experience in coming around toward the other schools that we are competing against.”

He added he is looking forward to next season.

“The players definitely showed growth throughout the year, and we know what the competition will be like next year for our new conference,” said Smith. “I have no one graduations so, hopefully, everyone will return. It makes things easier in that you don’t have to start fresh.”

Average scores for the players were: Hunter Marshal, 106; Stephen Hurst, 116; Ethan Bales 117; Julian O’Niell, 124; and Heath Denison, 136.

“While our stroke averages are on the high side, the further into the season we got, the more competitive we became,” Smith said. “That is what I’m looking for as a coach is measurable improvement.

“We did not have anyone qualify for the post-season but Hunter Marshal and Stephen Hurst were close. If my players continue to work hard, as they did this year, we can only get better.”