SA wins with second straight home shutout

Published 11:14 am Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tonee Hill (11) takes the punt return for a touchdown with 8:02 left in the first quarter. This was the first Raider score of the game. -- JIM HART | TIDEWATER NEWS

Tonee Hill (11) takes the punt return for a touchdown with 8:02 left in the first quarter. This was the first Raider score of the game. — JIM HART | TIDEWATER NEWS

COURTLAND—In what seemed like déjà vu, the Southampton Academy Raiders won 52-0 for the second week in a row, this time against the Cary Christian Knights (1-2).

The Raiders (3-0) have only given up 6 points in three games this season, and defensive coach Cass Camp said you’d win a lot of games with defensive play like that.

“I was really pleased with the defensive backs tonight,” Camp said. “We did a good job stopping them. Tonee Hill and Cam Hines both did a good job keeping them in check.”

Hill and Hines each had an interception. Camp said smothering the passing game really helped keep the other aspects of the Cary offense in check.

“We played a good team,” he said. “They are going to get better and better, so we are lucky to have gotten them early.

“I’m proud of our defense, though. If someone was not playing well, others would step up and make big plays.”

Head coach Dale Marks said the defense did give up 99 yards to the Knights’ running game, but the interceptions and some key sacks kept Cary off the scoreboard.

“They started throwing the ball some, and we were running a stunt that was good at getting a linebacker free up the middle,” Marks said. “And we’ve got some defensive ends that can get after the quarterback. We did a good job.”

On offense, Marks said the Raider passing game was not as strong as he anticipating.

“On a couple of our passes, the receivers, were not on the right routes,” he said. “But overall, I thought they played a good game.”

Marks said the running game was good this week.

“I thought the offensive line came off hard and blocked well,” he said. “They were a hard hitting team — probably the best team we’ve played so far. I thought we did some good things. We’ll just continue to build on what we’re doing.”

There was a concentrated effort to get lower in the running game, and Marks said that paid off.

“One of the plays that we hang our hat on was an extremely good play for us tonight,” he said. “It happens that Cam Hines was the beneficiary. Ithink he had pretty big yards for us tonight.”

The first score of the game came with 8:02 left in the first half, when Hill returned a punt return 66 yards for a score. Hines completed the 2-point conversion to make the score 8-0.

With 4:54 left in the first, Ethan Edwards broke a 42-yard run. The conversion failed, however.

With 3:33 in the second, Matt Rose had a 40-yard dash, and he completed a pass to Hines for the 2-point conversion. The half ended with a score of 22-0.

In the second half, with 10:37 to go in the third, Hines broke a 35-yard run, and Edwards completed the conversion.

With 5:30 in the third, Edwards got his second touchdown of the night on a 1-yard run. Hines completed the conversion, and the score at that point was 38-0.

With 2:30 left in the third quarter, Hill completed a 5-yard touchdown run, and Williams made good on the conversion run.

The final score of the game came with 9:52 left in the fourth quarter. Paul Parker completed a 15-yard run. The conversion failed, making the final score 52-0.

Total offense for the Raiders was 291 on the ground in 20 attempts. Cary, on 33 attempts, had 99 yards. Cary completed 2-7 passing for 7 yards, while Southampton completed 6-11 for 67 yards. Neither team had a passing touchdown.

Hill led the Raiders in passing with 96 yards on 9 carries. Hines had 83 yards on 3 carries.

“It was a good hard-hitting name, but there was some good sportsmanship,” Marks said. “It is always nice to hear a coach from other team say your kids played with a lot of class, and we heard that from three coaches.

“It’s something we emphasize. You play as hard as you can, knock the piss out of guy you are lined up against, but if you get up first there is nothing wrong with helping him up.”

The Raiders travel to Kinston, N.C., to play the Arendell Parrott Academy Patriots (3-0).