Southampton Academy topples Lawrence Academy 46-6

Published 12:32 pm Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sidney Moore/Contributing writer

MERRY HILL, N.C.—The Southampton Academy Raiders defeated the Lawrence Academy Warriors 46-6 in a blowout.

From the outset, the Raiders dominated the game by taking to the ground. Paul Parker was the first one to score on a 15-yard touchdown run. Cam Hines made good on the 2 point conversion. Then Hines intercepted a pass and ran back 25 yards for a touchdown. The 2 point conversion was handled by Nate Williams. For the last score of the quarter, Matt Rose put a 23 yard touchdown pass into the hands of Ethan Edwards. The 2 point conversion was a bootleg run by Rose. The first quarter ended 24-0 in Southampton’s favor.

In the second quarter, Southampton continued to utilize the ground attack. Ethan Edwards had a three yard touchdown run with Nate Williams going in for the 2 point conversion. Nate Williams had a long 35 yard run, but the Raiders couldn’t convert on the 2 point conversion.

Matt Rose ran a bootleg for 6 yards in the third. Ethan Edwards ran the 2 point conversion.

In the fourth quarter, Lawrence Academy made it into the end zone to save themselves from suffering a shutout. They failed to capitalize on the 2 point conversion. The game ended 46-6 in Southampton’s favor.

“In a game like this, you want to try to keep the scoring low,” said Coach Dale Marks of Southampton Academy. “I’ve been on the other side of that fence, and when you’ve been there, you don’t want to have your nose rubbed in it.

“It’s out of respect and with wanting to keep the players’ morale in good standings. You never want to destroy a kid. This is all just a learning lesson for them.”