BS-H breaks SA’s winning streak

Published 9:17 am Wednesday, May 1, 2013

COURTLAND—Without No. 2 seed Olivia Fox and No. 5 seed Rachel White, both who were out due to illness, the Southampton Academy girls tennis team fell to Blessed Sacrament Huguenot, 9-0.

Barclay Gatten, celebrating Senior Day, wasn’t able to overcome Anna Ransone, falling 8-4. Gatten has been on the SA tennis team since 9th grade. Entering her senior season, she is a two-time team captain and MVP, is the defending conference champion at the No. 1 spot, and was named to the 2012 All Academic Team. She will attend the University of Virginia in the fall.

“We were looking forward to the re-match with BSH,” said Coach Jack Schwolow. “But Olivia and Rachel were not at practice Monday because of illness and then missed the match on Tuesday because they were still sick.”

“Joann Gatten, the assistant coach, and I have been trying to build the girls’ games throughout the season with the goal of trying to peak at the conference tournament, but it would have been nice to see this match with our starting six.”

• Singles: Anna Ransone (BSH) d. Barclay Gatten (SA), 8-4; Haleigh Lader (BSH) d. Kirsten Wachsmann (SA), 8-1; Katie Clarke (BSH) d. Mina Johnson (SA), 8-1; Jessi Townsend (BSH) d. Selena Johnson (SA), 8-2; Jamie O’Dell (BSH) d. Elena Litman (SA), 8-0; Clara Frazier (BSH) d. Hailey Brickhouse (SA), 8-0.

• Doubles: Ransone/Lader (BSH) d. Gatten/M. Johnson (SA), 6-4; Townsend/O’dell (BSH) d. Wachsmann/S. Johnson (SA), 6-1; Isabella Murman/Lily Goodwyn (BSH) d. Litman/Brickhouse (SA), 6-2.