SHS overtakes FHS boys’ netters

Published 8:54 am Monday, April 1, 2013

Staff Report

FRANKLIN—The Southampton High School boys’ tennis team defeated cross-town rivals the Franklin Broncos 6-3 in a non-district match Thursday.

The Indians won four out of six singles matches and swept all three doubles matches.

The match highlights for the Broncos were singles wins by No.2 seed Shaun Derama and No.4 seed Scott Davis.



• No. 1: Sam McDonald (SHS) 8-1 over William Jackson (FHS)

• No. 2: Shaun Derama (FHS) won 8 -1 over Evan Griggs (SHS)

• No. 3: Ellis Cofield (SHS) won 8-6 over Tevin Sumblin (FHS)

• No. 4: Scott Davis (FHS) won 8-2 over Warren Hasting (SHS)

• No. 5: Donald Blythe (SHS) won 8-1 over Clinton Smith (FHS)

• No. 6: C.J. Everett (SHS) won by default



• No. 1: McDonald/Griggs (SHS) won 8 -1 over Jackson/Davis (FHS)

• No. 2: Derama/Sumblin (FHS) won 8-4 over E. Cofield/Hasting (SHS)

• No. 3: Blythe/Everett (SHS) won by default