Surry Qwick Stop wins spring softball title

Published 9:30 am Friday, June 15, 2012

Surry Qwick Stop’s George Shelby, left, was named Most Valuable Player for the 2012 Spring Adult Softball League in Isle of Wight County. Coach Derrick Bailey holds trophies for Surry Qwick Stop, which placed first for the season and won the tournament. - SUBMITTED

ISLE OF WIGHT—Surry Qwick Stop won the 2012 Spring Adult Softball League Tournament and were season champions for the Isle of Wight County league.

Teammate George Shelby was named Most Valuable Player.

Derrick Bailey coached Surry Qwick Stop. Other team members were Antonio Turner, Victor Bailey, Jermaine Ruffin, John Moore, Jarrod Pierce, Jarvis Springfield, Tyrone Jones, Kenneth Jones, Shawn Parson, Demetrius Moody, Alexander Taylor Jr., Devin Stith, Rodney Pierce, O’Cie Hendricks, Tarrance Hayes and Steve Parker.

Virginia BBQ coached by Chuck Sharon placed second for the season. Team members were James Taylor, Marc Lee, Michael Sanchez, Nick Baker, Joe Mangum, Terry Corle, Matt Bauman, David Turnquist, Jason Steward, James Bovee, Jim Kenny and B.J. Ramos

Here We Go coached by Scott Holland placed second in the tournament. Team members were Connor White, Jake Patton, Ryan Everett, Michael Nelson, Coty Peden, Collin Jeffers, Charles Caton, Jay Parker, DelPatrick Parker, Tabb Griffey, Alex Holland, Jonathan Payne and Dusty Gaskins.