Franklin Parks & Recreation basketball results

Published 10:06 am Friday, February 17, 2012


Elementary League

The Golden Eagles (7-0) defeated the Wolfpack (1-6) 32-21 led by Dale Vick’s 20 points at the Armory on Wednesday.

Also scoring were Quantrell Eley with six points, Dallas Jernigan four points and Jonathan Jernigan two.

Tawrence Wiggins led the Wolfpack with 14 points. Also scoring were Lawrence Wiggins with six points and Iaisah Taylor added one.

In the second game, the Tar Heels (5-2) defeated the Rams (1-6) 20-17 led by Shaquille Joyner’s 12 points; also scoring were Kanmani Walloe with four points, and Allen Maddrey and Lamarre Joyner with two each.

Oyame Adaga led the Rams with 11 points; also scoring were Daemari Holden with four points and Michael Walton added two.


Middle School League

The Rams (5-4) on Wednesday defeated the Wolverines (5-4) 42-30 led by Frequan Lassiter with 12 points and Quentin Lowe with 10 points.

Also scoring were Timothy Clark with nine points, Darius Evans with seven and Dashawn Frazier added four.

Justin Hansford and Ajonte Holley led the Wolverines with 13 and 10 points, respectively. Also scoring were Bryona Knight with four points, Kalil Thomas with three and Ricky Evans Jr. added two.

On Thursday, The Rams (6-4) defeated the Buckeyes (3-6) 64-43 led by Fredquan Lassiter with 28 points, Quentin Lowe with 15 and Dashawn Frazier with 12. Also scoring were Tawerence Wiggins and Isaac Taylor with three points, Johnny Riddick with two points and Darius Evans with one.

Michael and Markeen Tyler led the Buckeyes with 15 and 14 points, respectively. Also scoring were Jvave Rooks and Wade Davis with four points, and Asya Walton and Jalen Holley with three each.


Men’s League

The first-place Rockets (7-0) defeated the Wildcats (4-3) 54-47.

Chris Hearn led the Rockets with 17 points and was followed by Paxton Linton and Chris Hearn with 13 points each.

Valdel Artis led the Wildcats with 14 points.

In the second game, Walton (2-5) defeated In The Air (1-6) 53-51 led by Mike Ricks with 15 points. Other high scorers were Ricky Taylor Jr. with 13 points and Andre Foreman with 10.

Tim Warren led In The Air with 12 points, and Marcus Holmes and Jessie Pope added 11 and 10 points, respectively.