At Cypress Cove, golf’s greatest feat – times two

Published 11:36 am Thursday, June 16, 2011

FRANKLIN—Two golfers on the same course hitting holes-in-one on the same day seems improbable, right?

Cypress Cove Country Club saw it happen Sunday when golfers Josh Bryant and Mark Simmons, playing separately, hit their first-ever holes-in-one. Old-timers don’t recall it ever happening previously on the Franklin course.

Bryant, 21, who is on a golf scholarship at Chowan University, accomplished the golf rarity on Hole No. 8, a 180-yard par 3. Bryant used a six-iron.

“I hit the shot and I didn’t think I hit it that well,” Bryant said. “It landed just short of the pin and went in. It was the best surprise I’ve had in my entire life.”

Bryant was congratulated by many of his fellow golfers for acing what is probably his least favorite hole on the course.

“I had to buy quite a few beers, but it was worth it,” Bryant said.

Simmons, 43, a longtime member at Cypress Cove, also had to buy a few beers Sunday afternoon after he holed the 150-yard, par 3 17th. He also used a six-iron.

“I knew I hit it good, and it was on line,” Simmons said of the shot. “I thought it was going to be long because I wanted to hit a seven-iron. It landed about 2 feet from the pin and went in.”

Simmons was surprised because 17 is normally a hole that challenges him.

“Guys around me were more excited than I was,” Simmons said. “They all wanted to know if they were going to get free beer. They did.”

Cypress Cove golf pro Danny Morgan said the course typically sees one to two holes-in-one a year, but the course has had four so far this year.

“It has been a banner year for holes-in-one,” he said.

He added that having two in one day had never happened before Sunday, to his knowledge.

The course’s other two holes-in-one this year were by Buck Bryant on No. 10 and by Brett Zembower on No. 8.