Southampton County Land Transfers – May 2020

Published 8:31 pm Monday, June 15, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in May:

Joan C. Worrell to NLGH Properties LLC, Franklin City, 8 parcels, $0

Carolyn G. Hudson to Latoya S. Darden, Franklin City, Lot 30, $195,000

Richard G. Casper to Breana F. Bushman, Franklin City, $285,400

Horace L. Bowles Jr. to FAT Real Estate Investor LLC, Franklin City, Lot 30, $35,000

Viet Q. Nguyen to Carol L. Brady, Franklin City, Lot 20, Section 1, Gillette Subdivision, $190,000

Linda L. Jones to Linda L. Jones, Southampton County, Franklin City, 3 parcels, $0

Adele E. Leighton to Bryce M. Steele, Franklin City, Section 2, Fairview, $162,000

William A. Scott to Garland M. Scott, Franklin City, Lot 31, 1.415 acres, Regency Estates, $0

William Anthony Scott to William Anthony Scott, Franklin City, $0

William Anthony Scott to William Anthony Scott, Franklin City, $0

William Anthony Scott to Garland M. Scott, Franklin City, $0

Parmeswart LLCC to Khodiyar MAA LCC, Franklin City, $1,376,000

David A. Myher to Gary D. Moss, Courtland Town, $50,000

Parsons Homes Inc. to Shyanne J. Spivey, Ivor Town, Lot 35, Pines of Ivor, $155,000

Par 5 Development Group LLC to Shelley I. Jadidian, Capron Town, 3.73 acres, $1,550,500

Wm. S. Wirt Construction Inc. to Christopher J. Perry, Southampton County, Lot 67, Bethel Farms Subdivision, $329,900

Cynthia G. Turner to Ricky A. Steele, Boykins District, Highland Park multiple lots, $164,500

SPECBLD LLC to William C. Babb, Jerusalem District, Lot 3, Darden Mill Estates, $229,900

Trenton Sanders to Haneer Abdul Salaam, $0

Jacob R. Wofford to Gregory A. Seely, Jerusalem District, Lot 18, Unity Road, $249,000

Linda Deberry Epps to Linda Deberry Epps, Capron District, Plat Book 37, Page 55, $0

Linda Deberry Epps to Bobby Lewis Barnes, Capron District, $79,000

Randal Eric Dilday to Ronald Thomas White Sr., Jerusalem District, 2.947 acres, $238,000

Parsons Homes Inc. to Thomas Hutchins, Ivor Town, Lot 30, 0.44 acres, Pines of Ivor, $167,000

Erin Andrea O’Rourke to Erin Andrea O’Rourke, Courtland Town, 26337 Hanging Tree Road, $0

Gladys L. Bryant to Steven Allen Wolfe, Capron District, Lot 2, Section A, B & C, $184,900

William L. Tatum Jr. to Tyler D. Detroy, Jerusalem District, Lot 18, Darden Mill Estates, $320,000

Jason D. Hodges to Joyce A. McFall, Southampton County, Main Street, $60,000

David A. Falcone to Jephrey A. Roberts, Sedley Village, Lots 8, 10 & 12, Johnsons Mill Road, $130,000

Darden W. Jones Jr. to Darden W. Jones Jr., $0

Bettie E. Newsome to Bettie E. Newsome Revocable Trust, Southampton County, 3 parcels, $0

Justin Hermann to Jeff Hunter Eggleston, Franklin District, Lot 38, Cypress Manor Subdivision, $160,000

Danny Albert Felts Jr. to Justin Wayne Matthews, Berlin Ivor District, 5.979 acres, $330,000

Shane A. Stephenson to Ryan J. Duck, Capron District, Parcel 3, 5.27 acres, $236,900

Larisha Britt to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Franklin District, 21435 Black Creek Road, $0

Gregory Scott to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Southampton County, $0

Ronald Layman Hunnings to Shelley A. Crowther, Franklin District, Lot 48, Section III-I, Scottswood, $230,000

Texie Camp Marks to Janice Lotz, Capron District, 5.3 acres, Popes Station Road, $50,000

Texie Camp Marks to John Paul Lotz, Capron District, 3.51 acres, Popes Station Road, Capron, $450,000

William A. Scott to Garland M. Scott, Boykins District, 2.52 acres, Parcel B, $0

Current Home LLC to Kali N. Rodriguez, Jerusalem District, Lot 74, 0.98 acres, Sandy Creek Subdivision, $240,000

Mary Jo Lock, By AIF to Brandy L. Wheeler, Franklin District, Lot 5, Cypress Manor, $120,000

James L. Phillips, by AIF to Moonscape Properties LLC, Berlin Ivor District, Parcels 1 and 2, $300,000

Carolina Rose Adams to Caroline Rose Weaver, $0

Jennifer Eleanora Adams to Jennifer Eleanora Weaver, $0

Donald Lamar Harrington, record certified copy of will and pay taxes on real estate, $0

Richard Edward Pope, record real estate affidavit, $0

William T. Murphy to Arie Michelle Thompson, Franklin District, Plat Book 37, Page 59

Beale Farm LLC to RJP REH Trust, Branchville Town, $6,500

Amanda Dziekan to Brendan Alan Milteer, Sedley Village, Lots 2 & 3, 0.689 acres, Maple Avenue, $200,000

Haywood L. Eley to Tyrish Eley, Franklin District, Lot 65, Nottoway Gardens Section 1, $0

Willie Gary, record real estate affidavit, $0

Hunter Darden III to Hunter Darden III, Southampton County, 8 parcels, $0

Adam E. Dunavant to Melisa S. Williams, Ivor Town, 2 parcels, Lots 20, 21, 22, 23, Plus, $279,000

Summer Brooke Taroli to Brooke Taroli, $0

Joseph E. Edwards Jr. to Chad E. Edwards, Franklin District, 0.92 acres, $0

John T. Randall to John T. Randall, Jerusalem District, $0

Anthony Clark to Rebekah S. Moss, Drewryville District, 10.51 acres, $55,000

Corey B. Jones to John H. Stephenson III, Berlin Ivor District, 17.403 acres, $86,000

Curtis Stacy to Jason R. Phelps, Capron District, Parcel 1, 20.489 acres, $41,000

David R. Ricks Jr. to Sammy Lee Henman, Franklin District, 41.64 acres, $370,000