Southampton County Land Transfers – January 2021

Published 6:45 pm Monday, February 22, 2021

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The following land transfers were recorded in the Southampton County Circuit Court for the month of January:

Lakeview Loan Services LLC to Grace Elizabeth Smith, Franklin City, Lot 3, 1.034 acres, $114,540

Robert Lee Eley Jr. to Innel Gordan, Franklin City, Lot 60, $75,000

Stephen M. Lowe to Stephen M. Lowe, Franklin City, Lot 21, Section 1, Gillette Subdivision, $0

RW Tyler and Associates to Premier Construction Management, Franklin City, Lot 33, Section 4, Regency Estates, $38,500

1872 LLC to 301 North Main Street LLC, Franklin City, $465,600

Diane I. Paige to Kevin Douglas Anthony, Franklin City, Lot 41, Riverwood Estates, Phase I, $239,900

Mary E. Rich to Tamara Johnson Miles, Franklin City, Lot 15, Section 1, Wynnwood, $339,000

Richard M. Dorn to James Nantz II, Franklin City, 2 parcels, $200,000

James Herbert Jones to Carlos Lewis, Franklin City, $13,000

Premier Construction Management to Crystal Kies, Franklin City, Lot 33, Section 4, Regency Estates, $343,000

Ashley Cotton Covington to Irvin H. Thomason, Franklin City, $0

Henry Olds to Henry L. Olds, Franklin City, Lot 44, Section 1, Joyner Farm, $0

Naeem Bashir to N.Q. Bashir, Franklin City, Lot 44, $0

Rock Church of Franklin to City of Franklin, 130 Lakeview Road, $0

Christopher Miller to Tiea Scott, Franklin City, Lot 42, $159,000

Eugenia Johnson to Sharae Venntrice Lawrence, Franklin City, $120,000

Southeastern Property Management to John H. Hall Jr., Franklin City, $258,000

Alease V. Scott, record affidavit of notice, $0

Ella Smothers Avery to Cesar O. Breucop, Franklin City, $0

George L. Thorpe Jr. to Patricia W. Pugh, Franklin City, Lot 117, Section 2, Holliknol, $235,000

Glenn A. Duck Sr. to Glenn A. Duck Sr., Franklin City, Lot 78, West End, $0

Bobby Cutchins LLC to Teresa A. Files, Franklin City, Parcel 317C Clay Court Townhouses, $106,000

Franklin L. Jester to Alonza Jordan, Franklin City, Lots 143 & 144, Meadowbrook, $53,000

Joyce C. Coats to Willie J. Cannon, Franklin City, Lot 28, Dorchester Gardens, $43,500

Wilbert F. Haas to Christopher A. Dail, Berlin Ivor District, 2 parcels, $289,900

Leslie J. Christmas to Tony Eugene Freeman Jr. Franklin City, Lot 56, Nottoway Gardens, Section 1, $136,000

Robert S. Cordova to James Vance Cobb, Franklin District, Lot 3, Shady Brook Court, $260,000

Alexander H. Bowerman to Alexander H. Bowerman, Capron Town, $0

Kirk Trust Properties LLC to Michael J. Hall, Berlin Ivor District, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4 Candies Hill, $280,000

Brandon K. Keeter to Scott L. Woolard Jr., Jerusalem District, 2 parcels, $52,500

Maynard Charles Griffin Jr. to Michael Lynn Vaughan, Franklin District, $10,000

Michael Lynn Vaughan to Thomas Ryan Evans, Franklin District, Lot 11, Scottsdale Drive, $230,000

Clearview Homes VA LLC to Valerie Dawn Dempsey, Capron District, Inst. #200002289, $169,900

Annie Mae Faulk, record real estate affidavit, $0

James L. Anderson to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Southampton County, $0

Calvin Faulk Sr., probate will and appoint executor, $0

Alan J. Ange to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Southampton County, $0

Frances Wendell Parker, record real estate affidavit, $0

William Lynn Parker, record will and appoint executor, $0

Bryan W. Holloman III to Jonathan Lee Kelly, Franklin District, 3.987 acres, $480,000

Curtis Stacy to Tommy D. Johnson, Boykins District, 2.626 acres, $179,000

Adams Grove Baptist Church to David F. Yoder, Drewryville District, $76,000

Robert M. Clarke to Elliott Sadler Investments LLC, Drewryville District, $385,000

James Whalon Urquhart, probate will and appoint executor, $0

Parsons Homes Inc. to Nelson Patrick Figeac, Ivor Town, Lot 27, Pines of Ivor, $195,500

Steven R. Whipple to Matthew R. Ries, Franklin District, Lot 9, Subdivision, Country Road, $269,900

Thomas Hart Milteer to Hunter Darden III, Franklin District, $61,400

James C. Jones to Dustin W. Canty, Jerusalem District, Lot 9, $17,000

Gooden Group LLC to Virginia Outdoors Foundation, Southampton County, Plat Book 37, Page 99, $0

RAS Trustee Services LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association, Trust Inst. #070000084, $68,300

Gilbert W. Francis Jr. to Douglas A. Chesson, Boykins District, Beaton Annex, Lot 19, Block A, $900

Gilbert W. Francis Jr. to Richard L. Francis, Boykins District, $0

John H. Stephenson III to Custom Builders Express LLC, Berlin Ivor District, $65,000

Julianne Deloatche Guller to Julianne Deloatche Guller, Boykins District, 4 parcels, $0

Ann Marie Rosenfeld to MW AMR Revocable Living Trust, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Charles B. Rowe to 22312 Main Street LLC, Courtland Town, 2 parcels, $225,000

Aldon A. Turner to Bondelemu Bey, Drewryville District, New Parcel B, $23,000

David James Smith to Dennis C. Pearson, Southampton County, $215,000

Kelly M. Hale to Telerrance J. Cooke, Southampton County, $250,000

Dianna L. Sexton to Brian Earl, Capron Town, $0

Alvin T. Hicks to Alvin T. Hicks, Boykins District, .98 acres, Burnt Reed Road, $0

FHS LLC to Matthew Ries, Franklin District, Lot 10 Subdivision, Country Road, $10,000

Jamie H. Weist to Aaron W. Dortch, Jerusalem District, $122,000

Yvonne Uzzle, qualify as administrator for suit purpose, $0

Earl Batiste to George Weeks, Berlin Ivor District, Route 620, 0.69 acres, $25,000

George Weeks to Earl Batiste, Berlin Ivor District, 36123 Broadwater Road, $0

Harvey J. Porter III to Thomas Blei, Newsoms Town, 2.582 acres, $295,000

Pamela Hall Barnhardt to Wendall Lowe, Newsoms District, Lot 12, 2.803 acres, Ivey Estates Section C, $24,500

Michael D. Greenwell to Michael D. Greenwell, Southampton County, $0

Travis W. Albert to Andrew K. McQuarry, Berlin Ivor District, $340,000

Samuel I. White PC to Clearview Homes VA LLC, Trust Inst. #180000704, $47,741

Barbara E. Story to Barbara Story Jones, Newsoms District, $0

Joseph P. Unser to Jacob Samuel Unser, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Parrish Glenn Banty to Michael Allen Sawyers, Capron Town, $199,900

Cristina Jo Mohning to Cristina Jo Moen, $0

Treasure Renee Harrup to Renee Bryant, $0

Patricia Lakish Wiggins to Patricia Lakis Moses, $0

Linda Harrell to Linda Mae Bradshaw, $0

Franklin Town Investments LTD to Linwood L. Robinson, Franklin District, $95,000

Brandon M. McMahan to Virginia Electric and Power Company, Southampton County, $0

Jennifer Lynn Test to Jennifer Lynn Williams, $0

Leonard D. Davis to Rita Yvonne Dawson, Boykins District, $0

Mildred Ethelyn McClenny, qualify trustee for McClenny Estate, $0

Stuart Ashby to Lightwood Farm LLC, Southampton County, $0

David L. Bryant to Hunter W. Bryant, Berlin Ivor District, $150,000

Emmett D. Taylor to Fabian Taylor, Drewryville District, $0

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Jeremy McHargue, Boykins Town, Inst. #190002676

Carlton R. Ogburn to Carlton R. Ogburn, Newsoms District, 2 parcels, $0

David T. Lease to Johnnie W. Tomlin, Franklin District, Lot 20, Regency Estates, $259,000

Marie F. Fowler to James H. Lee, Jerusalem District, Parcel B, 1.33 acres, $0

Robert R. Lewis to Tyler W. Winters, Berlin Ivor District, 3.012 acres, $210,000

Everett R. Johnson Jr. to William H. Gray, Trust Inst. #200002574, $0