Southampton County Land Transfers – April 2020

Published 6:29 pm Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in April:

Eliot Skinner to James A. Posavad, Franklin City, Lee Street, $65,000

Money Source Inc. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Lot 36, Section 4, Four Regency Estates, $10

Lee Ann Graham to Lee Ann Graham, 400 Meadow Lane, $0

David A. Goodwin to Ron C. Gregory, 301 Sycamore Road, $209,000

Shawneequa Dickens to Shelton B. Elder, Franklin City, $0

Laura M. Saunders, $0

E. Jewel Johnson to Herbert Taylor Williams IV, Franklin City, Lot 10 Wynnwood, Section 1, $245,000

Secretary of Housing Urban Development to Aaron Morin, Franklin City, Lot #112, Inst., #1900002428, $32,000

Nancy H. Pittman to Eliot J. Skinner, Franklin City, Lot 80, Lot 81, $165,000

Cynthia H. Hunting to George M. Wade, Southampton County, $100,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Kondaur Capital Corporation, Berlin Ivor Dist., Trust Inst. #1100000141, $109,000

Shawn M. Kirkland to Richard E. Casper, Franklin Dist., 0.560 acres, $125,000

Ava Ellis Newton to Matthew M. Causey, Drewryville Dist., 1.053 acres, $15,000

Medical Facilities of America to Courtland VA Propco LLC, Courtland Town, 5.04 acres, Parcel A, $3,668,400

Alan W. Edwards to John T. Randall, Jerusalem Dist., Lot 9 Pardens Mill Estates, $40,000

Sherry Bedoya Bynum to William C. Cartwright, Newsoms Town, $115,000

J.E. Kerr Timber Company to James E. Kerr II Revocable Trust, Southampton County, $0

Ronald Wayne Griffin to Annie Griffin, Newsoms Dist., 3 acres, Woodland Road, $0

Annie Griffin to Daniel J. Newsome, Newsoms Dist., 3 acres, Woodland Road, $244,000

Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Boykins Dist., 32259 Queen St., $500

Linda D. Joyner to Christy Boyce, Capron Dist., $0

Wm. S. Wirt Construction Inc. to Jason P. Fowler, Southampton County, Lot 68, Bethel Farms, $259,350

Arthur O. Baker to Charles Fillinger, Jerusalem Dist., 3 acres, Black Creek Road, $309,500

Robert J. Thomas to Scott David Campbell, Franklin Dist., 11.372 acres, $266,000

MT Real Estate Properties LL to Oleh Lukianchenko, Boykins Town, 3 parcels, $130,000

Michael Felts to Allen R. Walker IV, Franklin City, 312 Old Sedley Road, $299,000

Chance W. Crowder to Juanita W. Blowe, Plat Book 37, Pages 52 & 53, $0

Harold Allen Johns to Courtesy Homes LLC, Franklin City, Lot 26, Washington Square, $30,000

Donna Francis Slagle to Michael David Lewis, Capron Dist., $125,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Courtland Town, 26039 Glyndon St., Inst. #20000088, $114,500

Bobby Louis Porter to Zachary S. Vann, Newsoms Dist., Plat Book 37, Page 51, $0

Daniel J. Newsome to Annie R. Griffin, Jerusalem Dist., Sedley Village, Parcel 1, $140,000

Dustin Holland to Kyle J. Niles, Franklin Dist., Lot #1 Cypress Cove Gardens, Section 1, $150,000

Rodger Ray Drake to Rodger R. Drake Living Trust, Newsoms Dist., $0

Enviva Pellets Southampton LL to Columbia Gas of Virginia, Southampton County, $0

Curtis Brent Gregory to Ronald Lee Wheeler III, Drewryville Dist., Lot 10, $158,000

William McKinley Murphy, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Jackie M. Robertson to Jackie M. Robertson Jr., Boykins Town, 2 parcels, $0

Jean E. Edwards, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Gregory A. Applewhite to William G. Applewhite, Capron Dist., 5 parcels, $0

Rodger R. Drake to Hilda B. Drake, Newsoms Dist., multiple parcels, $0

Douglas Wayne Cale to Douglas Wayne Cale Jr., Capron Dist., 2 parcels, $0

Latoya S. Darden to Robert Reveal, Capron Dist., $175,000

Mary Jo Lock to Unexpected Grace Ministries, Franklin Dist., 1 acre, Shady Brook Trail, $0

James Earl Glascock, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

John Wayne Johnson to Charles T. Brock, Jerusalem Dist., Parcel 5, 105.22 acres, $860,000

John W. Spring to John W. Spring, Franklin Dist., 0.919 acres, Lot 1, O’Berry Knoll, $0

Edward L. Everett Jr., Record real estate affidavit and copy of marriage license, $0

Pearl S. Hicks to Alvin T. Hicks, Boykins Dist., $0

Richard Dale Steiner to Luther D. Glover Jr., Boykins Dist., $97,300

Richard Dale Steiner to Luther D. Glover Jr., Boykins Dist., $25,500

Harriet Elizabeth Banks, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Vicky Logan Young, Probate will and certificate copy, $0

Linda D. Edwards to Josuha K. Cobb, Jerusalem Dist., 2.265 acres, Section A, Lot 7, Section B, Lot 7, $220,000

James Dansey White to John Wayne Johnson, Franklin Dist., 2 parcels, $125,000

Dorothy M. Bryant to Matthew R. Nixon, Courtland Town, Lot 22, Section 2, Shands Estates, $159,500

Bruce B. Bon to Michael A. Bon, Jerusalem Dist., 3 parcels, $0

Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Sedley Village, 30273 Maple Ave., Inst. #200000340, $10

Richard Henry Worrell III, Probate of will only, $0

Teresa W. Cobb to Blackacre Hypothetical LLC, Boykins Dist., $14,500

Allison Brooke Martin Irrevocable to Anthony J. Glinke, Jerusalem Dist., 2.547 acres, $180,000

Charles A. Butler to Ronnie McCoy Pearce Jr., Franklin Dist., Lot 2, Tract 3, Marle Hill Farm, $325,000

Brandon W. Cook to Brian Story, Courtland Town, Wills Circle, 2.218 acres, $233,000

Sharon Simon to Christopher Watson, Franklin Dist., 0.900 acres, Smiths Ferry Road, $67,200

Jordan Investments LLC to Birdsong Corporation, Correction Inst. #1900002016, $0