Land transfers for September 2019

Published 6:53 pm Friday, January 24, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in September 2019:

Daniel O. Sweeney to Zachery T. King, 117 Carrie Drive, Franklin, $212,000

Frances H. Goodwyn to Ronald E. McClenny, 901 Craig Drive, Suffolk, $0

BJCM Enterprises LLC to James Hart Enterprises Inc, 1580 Armory Drive, Franklin, $0

James Hart Enterprises Inc. to BJCM Enterprises LLC, 1408 Clay St., Franklin, $0

Nora Blunt Dove to John A. Maddrey, Lot 41, Washington Square, Franklin, $6,500

Pamela McNeely Griffith to Sandra W. Godwin, 320 Meadow Lane, Franklin, $318,500

Michael W. Jordan to Samantha J. Bruck, 100 Wiggins Court, Franklin. $240,000

Walden Real Estate Ventures to W. Company LLC, 7702 South Quay Road, Suffolk, $37,900

Richard McKinley Milian, Appoint Administrator, $0

Charles Ray Smith to self, 217 Meadow Lane, Franklin, $0

Hal G. Ward Sr. to Hal G. Ward Jr., $0

Robert N. Holt to Tami Holt Cook, 823 Clay St., Franklin, $0

David K. Hayes to Patrick K. Chapman, 826 Clay St., Franklin, $270,000

Pattie Camp Forbes to Hunterdale Investments LLC, $120,000

Judith M. Bloom to Carol R. Jennings, 219 Homestead Road, $320,500

Issac Holloman Jr. to Angela Denise Boykins, 505 Cedar Court, Suffolk, Lots 29-30, Block 7, Subdivision 2, Franklin, $0

Roger Watson Jr., $0

Branch Banking and Trust Company to Brooks H . Gayle, 35275 Babb Drive, Town of Ivor, $80,000

Gregory S. Cook to Patricia J. Justice, 2700 Rose Valley Road, Franklin Drive, $305,000

Shane A. Hartless to Virginia Electric and Power Co., $0

Charles A. Cartier to Virginia Electric and Power Co., $0

Ashley S. Fisher to Christopher Michael Fisher, 27085 Barretts Church Road, Sedley, 12.00 acres, Parcel G, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Tyler G. Etheridge to Marena D. Vick, 28016 Beale Road, Franklin, Lot 7, Section 1, Edwards Heights, Newsoms District, $134,900

Samuel Blount Drewry Sr. to Samuel Blount Drewry Jr., 26293 Tyler Circle, Courtland, Boykins District, $0

Harold Eddie Lock, Qualify Administrator of Estate, $0

Paula Marie Owen to Jason Christopher Owen, 18125 Virginia Ave., Town of Boykins, $0

Joseph Blake Blythe to self, Parcel B., 2.58 acres, Jerusalem District, $0

Alfonso Martines Jr. to Alson Cromwell, 32410 Pebble Brook Drive, Franklin, Jerusalem District, $247,000

Stephen Thomas Rainey, Qualify Administrator of Estate, $0

Steven R. Whipple to self, 29439 Hunters Point Road, Courtland, Lot 9, Subdivision of Country Roads, Franklin District, $0

James Alphonso Foreman, Record Certified Copy of Will from Texas. Collect Probate Tax on Property, $0

Shane A. Stephenson to Ronald P. Lambert, Indian Town Road, Capron District, $38,000

Jean A. Barker to Timothy John Wettig, 26473 Pine Haven, Courtland, Jerusalem District, $0

Cynthia C. Aranda to Richard A. Kaye, 2308 Kings Fork Road, Suffolk, 1.083 acres, Jerusalem District, $0

Marilyn Olivia Lawrence to Marilyn Lawrence Freeman, $0

Matthew Donald Grossman to Matthew Donald Fuller, $0

Tyler Grandy Etheridge to self, $0

Gwen Blue to Donald Montague, Lot Delk, Plat Mariner St., City of Franklin, $0

David I. Worth to Tristin T. Reveal, 22281 Linden St., Town of Courtland, $122,500

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to Derek W. Ross, 18113 Truman St., Town of Boykins, $42,000

Sandra F. Shafer to self, 31133 Country Club Road, Franklin District, $0

Jeffrey Thomas Myers, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Jerome R. Petre to Crystal Lynn Boyles, 5225 Crumpler Road, Ivor, .974 acre, Berlin Ivor District, $203,000

Lisa W. Dunlow to Kenneth K. Krogman, 10 acres, Nottoway Meadows Subdivision, Capron District, $225,000

Stacy E. Drake to Richard I. Peterson, Lots 4,5, 5B, 5C and 6, Owen Street, Town of Boykins, $94,900

Raylon S. Johnson to self, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Carolyn Bishop Sykes to self, Newsoms District, $0

Samuel I. White to Federal National Mortgate Assoc., Trust Instrument No. 140001060, $24,100

Winston Melville Browne III to self, 19458 Crosskeys Road, Boykins, $0

Winston Melville Browne III to Bowman Reed Browne Legacy Trust, Franklin District, $0

Hoen McGuire Edwards Jr., Probate Will and Appoint Executor, $0

Celia L. Miller to Brian J. Jackson, 12206 Appleton Road, Ivor, $477,900

Michelle Ann Bergin to Michelle Ann Miller, $0

HSBC Bank USA to self, $0

Commonwealth Trustees LLC to U.S. Bank National Association, Trust Instrument No. 0300002549, $55,953.50

Professional Foreclosure Corp. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., Trust Instrument No. 060001667, $72,900

Endie Mae Ruffin, Appoint Administrator, $0

Michael S. Artis, heir, to Francis Widmeyer, 29294 Apache Circle, Franklin District, $35,000

Harold D. Watkins to Harold D. and Gail L. Watkins, 8378 Main St., Town of Ivor, 0.512 acre, $0

Richard A. Kaye to self, 2308 Kings Fork Road, Suffolk, 1.083 acres, Jerusalem District, $0

Habour Portfolio VII to Orange Capital Funding LLC, Trust Instrument No. 120000944, $42,548.47

James J. Reid to Aldon A. Turner, five parcels, Drewryville District, $38,000

Jordan Investments LLC to Birdsong Corp., Franklin District, $250,000

Branchville Hunt Club Inc. to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Town of Branchville, $0

Commonwealth of Virginia to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Drewryville, $0

Our Dog Blue LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Town of Branchville, $0

Renee Michelle Diaz to Renee Mulder Diaz, $0

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Michael Pascoe, Instrument No. 190000134, Town of Boykins, $42,000

Ernest Howard Avery, Probate of Will, $0

Heather Harmon Bishop to Sandra Harmon Witcher, .627 acre, Route 58,, Jerusalem District, $0

Elizabeth A. Carr to Ryland L. Williams Jr., 23032 Sedley Road, Franklin District, $105,000

Richard E. Burton to Brandon L. Pitts, Lot 21, Section III, Scottswood, Franklin District, $233,900

Mary Lizzie Hobbs, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Justin E. Cartwright to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, $4,000

Richard W. Vaughan to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, $100,000

George L. Wright III to Kaitlyn B. Russell, 332 Robinhood Road, Lot 49, City of Franklin, $207,500

Teresa A. Files to self, 31499 Oberry Church Road, Lot 15 Lankford, Section 1, Franklin District, $0

Trustee Services of Virginia to Atlantic Bay Mortgate Group, Trust Instrument No. 170000185, $101,250

Douglas Futrell to Lisa L. Mann, 22385 Main St., Courtland, $123,000

V.S. Pittman to self, 24522 Ridley Road, Courtland, $0

Lucas Allen Ferrell to Roman J. Fowler, 27021 Horse Pen Road, Sedley, 2.683 acres, Berlin Ivor District, $179,000

Harold W. Lloyd Jr. to U.S. Bank, Instrument No. 10000293, $0

Harold W. Lloyd Jr. to Stanley M. Vickhouse, Instrument No. 100002932, $0

Harold Preston Futrell Jr. to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Correct Instrument No. 190001428, $5,000