Land transfers for August 2019

Published 6:51 pm Friday, January 24, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in August 2019:

Sophia Jane Hines to James Arthur Cross, 312 Hogart St., Franklin, $0

Johnny W. Avent to John Gregory Avenut, 103 Canvas Back Circle, Franklin, $0

Brad L Guenin to Jay A. Brenchick, 408 Crescent Drive, $210,000

Hubert Bridges Jr., Probate Will, $0

Darlene H. Brown to Curtis Brown, 313 Roosevelt Ave., Franklin, $0

Edward C. Canada Jr. to Franklin One LLC, three parcels, Franklin, $219,500

Peggy Denton Blythe, Record Will and Appoint Executor, $0

City of Franklin to Sawyer Holding Co. LLC, 1601 Carrsville, $160,000

Ronald B. Cornwell to Elvis Spence Jr., 205 N. High St., Franklin, $159,900

Victoria Jenkins Turner, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Ronald Wayne Turner, Record Will and Appoint Co-Administrator, $0

Dale A. Fuller to Gregory Jarrett Orlando, Lot 43, Riverview, Chestnut St., $52,900

Shante L. Cross to self, Lot 25, Joyners Acres, Franklin, $0

Tracy Deloatch to Premier Property Preservations, Lot 4, Duffy St., Franklin, $22,000

Robert Bryan Pearce to Robert E. Pearce, Lot 24, Section 4, Quail Ridge, Franklin, $0

David G. Carroll to SOVA Home Buyers LLC, Lot 23, Dorchester Gardens, $25,398.53

Wesley G. Saher to Robert S. Fanning III, Lot 17, Section II, Wynwood, Franklin, $241,000

Shirley M. Britt, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

James M. Clark to self, Lot 16, Section II, Edgehill, Franklin District, $0

David P. Shelton, 22151 Harvest Drive, Franklin, Southampton County, $0

Dianne Hurdle Bryant, Probate of Will Only, $0

Core Value LLC to Spring Grove Solar III LLC, two parcels, Southampton County, $499,596.25

David Junious Fowler Jr., Appoint Administrator, $0

Ian Gadsby to Morningside Properties LLC, 32243 White St., Town of Boykins, $32,500

Robert V. Bailey to Walter Dale Snyder Jr., Lot A, 15.455 acres, Berlin Ivor District, $141,100

Larry W. Griffith to William Troy Dongarra, 0.881 acre, Town of Courtland, $133,000

Wanda L. Hatley to Jeffrey E. Fitzsimmons, 56.533 acres, Berlin Ivor District, $130,000

Warren T. Cutchins to Johnny Mau, Lot 4, 1.442 acres, Jerusalem District, $32,000

Southampton Academy Inc. to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Town of Courtland, $0

Raquel M. Jones to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Franklin District, $0

Valery N. Douglas to J. Michael Mann, Section B, 0.360 acre, Town of Boykins, $900

Emily Rose Lehman to Aiden James Lehman, $0

Yvette Marie Magruder to Yvette Marie Cartwright, $0

Cherene C. Shaffer to Anthony Drake Builders LLC, Franklin District, $0

Anthony Drake Builders LLC to Kaylnn N. Winningham, 28278 Delaware Road, Franklin District, $225,000

Donny L. Dunbar to Diane Dovell, two parcels, Town of Newsoms, $101,000

D. Scott Claud to Sarah Leanna Jernigan, 18134 Beaton Ave., Town of Boykins, $25,000

Aaron C. Chapman, executor, to Barbara Ricks McClenny, two parcels, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Hugh V. Farm LLC to Douglas Earl Tyler, .9327 acres, Cross Keys Road, Newsoms District, $0

William L. Chambliss, Record Will and Appoint Executor, $0

Daville C. Brown to Curtis Brown, Broadwater Road, Berlin and Ivor District, $0

ALG Trustee LLC to David Brown, 21308 Black Creek Road, Jerusalem District, $21,101

Anna Leigh Shenberger to Daniel M. Raiford, 66 acres, Jerusalem District, $170,000

Benjamin L. Waller to Keith Ford, 1.131 acres, Capron District, $26,000

Custom Builders Express LLC to Kenneth L. Barham, 2.257 acres, Franklin District, $262,900

Alan Leslie Echols, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

Harold R. Wellons to self, two parcels, Jerusalem District, $0

Harold R. Wellons to Wendy Rose Wellons Stout, two parcels, Jerusalem District, $0

Harold R. Wellons to Paul Reid Wellons, one parcel, Jerusalem District, $0

Stephen A. Jenkins to Joshua David Sterling, Ivor Road, Berlin Ivor District, $475,000

Spring Grove Solar III LLC to Estella Project III, two parcels, Southampton County, $496,283.86

George Daniel Forbes, Probate Will and Appoint Administrator, $0

Jenny B. Bunn, executor, to Joseph H. Burgess Jr., 21433 Buckhorn Road, Courtland, Capron District, $0

John M. Burgess Jr. to Jenny B. Bunn, executor, 29164 Three Bees Road, Newsoms, Capron District, $0

John Robert Glover Jr., Appoint Executors for Previously Recorded Will, $0

Lina Jean Parker, Record Real Estate Affidavit, $0

On the James Realty LLC to Jeremy D. McCuiston, Route 614, Lot 3, Berlin Ivor District, $114,000

Susie D. Bynum to self, 26.17 acres, Newsoms District, $0

Carolyn R. Franz to Richard A. Davis Sr., 29024 N. Main St., Town of Newsoms, $130,000

Nancy Page Parker to W.H. Parker Farm LLC, Deed of Contribution to Capital, Jerusalem District, $0

Willie Pearl Buhls to Linda B. Beale, Berlin Ivor District, $0

James Stephen Fekete to self, Jerusalem District, $0

Melissa W. Dupree to Charlie Byrd Jr., 16126 Johnson Mill Road, Sedley, Jerusalem District, $15,000

Jill Dover to self, Lot 23, Country Roads, Subdivision 2, Franklin District, $0

Robert Wesley Brinkley to Charles J. Bazdanes, 23076 Church St., Capron, Town of Capron, $45,000

Joanne Latasha Rawlings to self, $0

Jonathan David Bell to Michael T. Hill, two parcels, Franklin District, $129,900

Randy L. Johnson to Johnson Revocable Trust, Parcel 2, 30.516 acres, Berlin Ivor District, $0

Cecil D. Lowe to self, 1.136 acres, Jerusalem District, $0

Robert R. Cook to Derrick L. Ledbetter, 22231 Ball Park Road, Town of Newsoms, $170,000

Timbervest Partners IIII to Streicker LLC, Drewryville District, $1,425,894.66

Mark Thompson to Samuel C. Kerr, 0.37 acre, Town of Ivor, $124,900

Specbld LLC to Aaron Wydra, Old Walter Vick Tract, Jerusalem District, $229,900

MT Real Estate Properties LLC to Robert R. Cook, 29034 Main St., Newsoms, Town of Newsoms, $125,000

U.S. Bank to Roderick Faison, Instrument No. 180000907, $30,000

Bank of New York Mellon, Amanda Crumpler, 28761 Main St., Town of Newsoms, $54,967.50

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to Dale T. Moore, 32267 Oberry Church Road, Franklin District, $136,500

Sec. of Housing and Urban Development to David J. Power, 34001 General Mahone Blvd., Jerusalem District, $243,000

Joey A. Harris Jr. to Ian Gadsby, Lot 23, Darden Mill Estates, Jerusalem District, $243,000

HSBC Bank to 2019 Castle LLC, Instrument No. 170001571, $28,600

Mary P. Futrell to Harold P. Futrell Jr., 15362 Old Branchville Road, Town of Branchville and Branchville District, $0

Harvard Home Mortgage Inc. to World Alliance Financial Corp., Instrument No. 090000096, $0

Benjamin Ashby Pope III to Walter Parham Jr. Correct Instrument No. 170002728, $0