Land Transfers for June 2019

Published 5:01 pm Tuesday, January 7, 2020

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The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in June 2019:

Wells Fargo Bank to Grace Elizabeth Smith, 329 Woodsland Drive, Franklin, $48,200

Kevin L. Bowman to Charles R. Smith, 217 Meadow Lane, Courtland

Aniyah Barette to Herita Ruthien Jones, 1218 South St., Franklin, $400,000

Michael L. Coburn to Tracey L. Edwards, 1026 Clay St., lots 6, 7, 8, Franklin, $0

Deborah W. Hagen to Rodney L. Bland, 710 Clay St., Franklin, $35,000

Keith M. Williams to Kenneth Bergin, lot 24 North Woods 0.511 acres, $269,800

Virginia Housing Authority to Linval Blair, 307 W. 1st St., Franklin, $34,000

David Errol Rideout, probate will only, $0

J.P. Property LLC to Eric Frank, J.L. Camp Estate, lots on upper Clay Street, $175,000

Prange Properties Ltd. To Randy Franklin Pinkleyton, 1327 Deep Run Road, Cartersville, 237.8 acres, $343,672.60

Kenneth Barham to Virginia Electric and Power Co., $0

Star B. Hedrick to Michael D. Hedrick, 301 St., Brides Road West, Chesapeake, lots 4, 5 $0

B.E. Raiford Jr. to Jordan L. Pulley, 30298 Sycamore Ave., Sedley, 35.73 acres, $96,000

Elizabeth Wall Drake, record will and appoint executor, $0

Micheal Bridges Scott to James D. Christian, 3310 11th Place SE, Washington, D.C., 3.399 acres, Cobb Road, Jerusalem District, $30,000

Timothy L. Williams to Jeffrey W. Saunders, 18120 Darden Scout Road, Courtland, lot 9, 1.16 acres, $219,500

Sean S. Protzman to Paul A. Laftery Jr., 21373 Black Creek Road, Franklin, Lot 7, 1.012 acres, Oberry Knoll, Southampton County, $290,000

Steven W. Lankford to Mills Landon Copeland, 29075 Bethany School Road, Franklin, 121.25 acres, $340,000

Town of Boykins to Boykins Volunteer Fire Department, two lots, $0

Beechnut Farms LLC to Joseph H. Cobb, 10131 Fortsville Road, Capron, 3.756 acres, Fox Branch Road, Drewryville, $0

Jason A. Dunn of Well Christian Fellowship Inc., 15207 Broad St., Branchville, $10,500

Curtis A. Miles Jr. to Curtis A. Miles Sr., 1.012 acres, Capron, $0

Jean Carole Rawls to Jonathan M. Carr, Lot 80, Shands Estates subdivision, Courtland, $170,000

Ray Hill Sr. to Lawrence Tynes Jr., two parcels in Ivor, $7,000

Susan G. King to Richard W. Richmond, 26085 Rochelle St., Courtland, $174,000

Shannon Denise Long to Richard A. Brinker III, 33536 Joyners Bridge Road, Franklin, two parcels, $89,000

Kayla Lynn Shepard to Kinston Lee Shepard, $0

Erin Leigh Stenger to self, $0

Amy Monique Branch to self, $0

Audrey Rollins Jones to self, $0

Pete T. Twisdale to Wesley L. Cashwell, 33661 Burnt Reed Road, Boykins, $15,000

Margaret J. Gordon of Leonard D. Joyner of 2.096 acres, Route 500, Berlin/Ivor District, $10,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Robert K. Eubanks Jr., Route 616, .88 acres, Jerusalem District, $120,000

John T. Sours to Claude Grey Sours, four parcels, Drewryville District, $0

Matthew Gust to Troy Reardon, 18229 First Baptist Church Drive, Jerusalem District, $14,000

Kendall L. Edwards to Virginia Electric, $0

Marshall E. Bradley to Virginia Electric and Power Co., $0

Richard B. Hunting to Robert J. Renzetti, 31356 Garden Road, Franklin, 3.75 acres, $310,000

Jason A. Dunn to Veronica Casper, 33273 Branch Bridge St., Branchville, $10,500

Charles J. Warren to Ruth J. Warren, 12357 St. Lukes Road, Berlin/Ivor District, $0

Shawn D. Blythe of Monica J. Blythe, parcel 10, White Farm, Franklin District, 2.515 acres, $0

Gregory Scott to Janette DeBerry Scott, 104 Country Club Road, Franklin, $0

Steven M. Hager to Ervin W. Gregory J r., 22376 Scojo Drive, Franklin, $225,000

Virginia Whitehead Grizzard to Tiffany Nicole Reed, 1325-9 Skippers Road, Emporia, parcel 3, 6.10 acres, $0

Alice Beale Creager, probate will and appoint co-executors, $0

Stress Less LLC to Ronald Welcher Investments, 27485 Plaggy Run Road, Jerusalem District, $29,500

Carla C. Vaughan to Wanda Vick Cotton, 31171 Sycamore Church Road, Franklin, 1.058 acres, $0

Zora B. Briley, record real estate affidavit, $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Burton Everton, 23592 Indian Town Road, Courtland, $145,000

David L. Joyner to Lindsay J. Holloman, 28450 Mill Path Road, Franklin, 1.624 acres, Jersusalem District, $0

Kenneth Bergin to Thomas G. Pacheco Jr., Black Creek Road, $248,000

V.S. Pittman II to self, 24522 Ridley Road, Courtland, $0

Lee Bailey to William Caleb Gilley, Lot 9, Nottoway Estates, Berlin/Ivor District, $351,000

Payton E. Atkins to Kenneth A. Robertson, 8368 Bell Ave., Ivor, $142,975

Ramona Rich to ARG Enterprises LLC, 50.044 acres, Drewryville District, $150,000

Equity Trustees LLC to Reverse Mortgage Funding LLC, trust inst. No. 140001779, $89,271,87

Denise D. Harcum to William Britt, 31153 Sycamore Church Road, Franklin, 1.112 acres, $139,900

Brenda P. Granger to self, 29074 Garris Mill Road, Boykin, $0

Mary Elizabeth Johnson to Raylon S. Johnson, 5414 Grist Mill St., Richmond, $0

David T. Banty Jr. to Parrish Glen Banty, 29132 Darden Point Road, Courtland, 1.148 acres, $0

John Robert Glover Jr., probate will, $0

Jonas W. Bass, of Bass and Family Investments, Pines of Ivor, Lot 29, $0

Alice M. Holloway of Leandis Hodges, $10,000

James R. Richardson of Steven Vasser, 33540 Edgehill Drive, Franklin, Lot 38, section III, 0.482 acres, $150,000

Clifford S. Fox to Wayne M. Cosby, two parcels, Capron District, $210,000

Stanley Jones Jr. to Stanley and Elizabeth Jones, 4712 White Marsh Road, Wakefield, 20 acres, Berlin/Ivor District, $0

Stanley Jones Jr. to Stanley and Elizabeth Jones, 4712 White Marsh Road, Wakefield, $0