Southampton County Land Transfers for May 2019

Published 4:37 pm Thursday, June 6, 2019

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in May:

William R. McEwen III Exor to Debbie Reid, 217 Woodland Drive Franklin City, $181,000

Joan P. Oclair to Robert L. Vann Sr., Franklin City 810 Pretlow Street, $42,000

Susan Worrell O’Connell to Dennis G. Crowder, 109 North Main Street Franklin City, $47,500

Otha L. Jarrett to ALO of Virginia LLC, Franklin City, $50,000

Eddie Lee Blow, Record real of estate affidavit TP 137 059 48, $0

Brenda Joyce Bass to Tierra L. Hawks, Franklin City, $118,000

Stephanie Rideout Cross to Charles J. Stieh, Franklin City Lots 79 & 80 Holliknol Sec Two, $166,000

Robin G. Rudd to Marshall S. Cutler, Franklin City West End Lot 109, $129,900

MPI Properties LLC to Susan Veale, Franklin City, $124,000

Carter Bank & Trust to JJR Investment Properties L, Franklin City, $220,000

Sahara Properties Management L to Nora Lesnick, Franklin City 559 Ashton Avenue, $28,000

Peggy J. Bisard to Lowman Boyd Black, Franklin City Lots 28 & 28A, $87,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Andrew Robinson, Franklin City 401 Bank St. Inst. #190000432, $31,000

Ricky M. Lanier II to James W. Brickhouse, Franklin City Lot 33, $129,900

Katie L. Gray to John Vincent Gauthier, Franklin City Lot 8 Edgewood Terrace, $109,000

Mildred B. Mason to Donald C. Seal, Franklin City Fairview Lot 16, $169,900.30

Gary C. Coffey to Walter S. Bradley, $169,000

Michael L. Smith to Dylan M. Scott, Franklin City Lot 34 West End, $139,000

John Rogers to John & Nellie LLC, Franklin City Hall Street, $0

Karen Branche to Robert Gainey, Franklin City Lot 17, $75,000

Ashley S. Fisher to Renee E. Strezze, Berlin Ivor Dist., $100,000

Otis Lee Brown Sr., Record will and appoint executor, $0

Samuel Wayne Stephenson Jr. to Vance J. Stephenson, Jerusalem Dist., $0

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jerusalem Dist. 23334 Jerusalem Road, $10

Connie Jean Pierce to Charles Jason Whitley, Franklin Dist. Lot 8 Section Three Cotton Acres, $0

John P. Pittman, Later qualification on estate of John Pittman, $0

Christina R. Wilson to Christina R. Wilson, Southampton County 3 parcels, $0

Cynthia Edge Blythe to Robert Derreck Blythe, Franklin Dist. Lot 2 block A Pittman Subdiv, $0

Ronald W. Harris to Ronald W. Harris, Deed book, $0

Robert James Long, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Sarah Fowler Long, Record affidavit of notice, $0

Mary Evelyn Fancher McKinney to Mary Evelyn Fancher McKinney, Franklin Dist. 31070 Arber Road, $0

Eduardo Guerreo Rosales to Magda L. Hanley, Trust Inst. #160002302 Berlin Ivor Dist., $64,000

Nellie Mae Johnson, Record heirs for 12289 St. Lukes Road, $0

Otis Johnson, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Lindsay Anne Brock to Lindsay Anne Byrum, $0

William C. Gilley to Charles J.Whitley, Jerusalem Dist. .93 Ac Sandy Creek Lot 55, $239,900

Barry Vaughn Pavlina, Probate will only, $0

Samuel I. White P.C. Tr. to Branch Banking and Trust Co, Trust Inst. #140001013, $120,870

Equity Trustees LLC to Nationstar R.E.O. Sub 1B LLC, Inst. #100000852 Capron Dist., $76,895.99

Carol F. Williams to Timothy L. Williams, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 9, $0

Barbara B. Hayes to Champion Home, Newsoms Dist., $0

Tonya Renee Stephens Bynum to Tonya Renee Stephens, CL 19-305, $0

Secretary of Veteran’s Affair to Courtesy Homes LLC, 308 Carrie Dr City of Franklin, $137,250

James J. Reid to Linda B. Fowler, Jerusalem Dist 18 Acres, $37,000

David P. Pair to Maurice Stallings, Lot 13 Pines of Ivor, $197,600

Leroy Smith to Gwendolyn P. Smith, Franklin Dist. 1.50 Acres, $0

Ada P. Cutler to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Inst. #180002582, $5,000

Charles A. Derby to William Tyler Nicholas, Jerusalem Dist., $118,200

Lynn Fowler Hartwell, Record certified copy of will, $0

James Lankford to Wayne M. Cosby, Jerusalem Dist. 2 parcels, $310,000

Jeffery David Clifford to CMH Homes Inc., Newsoms Town, $0

Teryka Quanda Ellsworth to Teryka Quanda Powell, $0

Charles A. Derby to Virginia Electric and Power Co, Franklin Dist., $0

Malvin Young to Darrell Oneal Thompson, Drewryville Dist Rt 615 1.55 Acres, $11,000

Jovon Steven Webster to Jovon Jameson Hernandez, $0

Daniel Joseph Klapetzky, Probate will – no appt, $0

Duraid Alnaif Tr. to Par 5 Development Group LLC, Capron Dist., $95,000

Ashby P. Lupold to Leslie J. Naranjo, Boykins Town 3 parcels, $0

James M. Stradley to Michael Collins, Sedley Village Lots 1 & 2, $223,000

Chip Tracy Cole, Appoint administrator, $0

M.J. White III to Holt M. Livesay, Jerusalem Dist., $0

Rita Lou Carr, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Heather Carrico Francis to Heather Denise Carrico, $0

Brayden John Mastrofanaro to Brayden John Mastro, $0

Lucas Wayne Mastrofanaro to Lucas Wayne Mastro, $0

Jacob Damien Mastrofanaro to Jacob Damien Mastro, $0

Marsha G. Pulley to H Paige Pulley Jr., Berlin Ivor Dist. 4 parcels, $0

Rose Bradley Parker to Joseph Cooper Johnson, Drewryville Dist., $180,000

New Stevens Woods Apartments L to Charter Communications VI LL, Courtland Town, $0

Linwood R. Wood to Wood Revocable Trust, Franklin Dist. 3.074 Acres, $0

Laura Oldham Vasser to Frederick D. Hayner, Jerusalem Dist. Village of Sedley Sycamore Ave 2 parcels Plat in Pb 36 Pg 189, $100,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban to Marcella L. Bowden, Jerusalem Dist. 18250 Lakeside Drive, $130,000

Dale W. Pittman to Dale W. Pittman, Southampton County 3 parcels, $0

Stephanie Heidt to Meegan Heidt, Berlin Ivor Dist. Inst. #150000482, $0

Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Wilmington Savings Fund Society, Inst #190000194 Trust Inst. #0070000837, $0