Southampton County Land Transfers

Published 7:11 pm Friday, April 19, 2019

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in March:

Catherine Gray Parker, Record will and appoint executor, $0

Premier Bank Inc. to Ronnie Ricks, Franklin City, $69,000

Bronco Federal Credit Union to Premier Investment Properties, Franklin City Inst. #180001139, $90,000

Claudia Akers, Record will estate affidavit, $0

Walter E. Story to James C. Gunter Jr., Franklin City 2 parcel, $330,000

Charles J. Akers Sr., Appoint administrator, $0

Jan M. Council to JH Lee & Sons Inc., Franklin City, $560,000

James R. Smith to Darrell Dunford, Franklin City, $149,900

Moses Wyche to Jacqueline E. Wyche, Franklin City 2 parcels, $0

Viola Fowler Johnson, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

Junius W. Holland Sr., Record real estate affidavit, $0

Hattie Green Holland, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Kathy H. Davis to Lemonte J. Walton, Franklin City, $0

Carol Hicks Griffin to Mary Hicks Johnson, Franklin Lot 45 Joyners Acres Sec II, $0

Professional Forclosure Corp to Wells Fargo Bank N.A., Trust Inst. #100002726 Franklin City 512 South High Street, $56,700

Trustee Services of Virginia to Deutsche Bank National Trust C., Trust Inst. #060001103 Franklin City 510 Pretlow Street, $28,000

Horace Lee Bowles Jr. to John Rogers, Franklin City, $3,000

Matthew A. Trahan to Marleen P. Carroll, Franklin City Lot 98, $180,000

Mary E. Blair to Carl M. Harroo, Franklin City Regency Estates Lot 1 Section Two, $310,000

Fairview 713 LLC to Adele E. Leighton, Franklin City Section Two Fairview, $162,000

Beaunia Tubbs to Beverly Denise Flagg, Franklin City 2 Parcels, $0

Beaunia Tubbs to Beverly Denise Flagg, Franklin City 2 Parcels, $0

John M. Beale Jr. Tr. to Carolyn Beale Cheshire, Inst #180001070, $0

John E. Tatem Jr. to Paul Yeary, Capron Dist. Lot 18 Vincents Grove Subdiv 1.583 Ac., $210,000

Ethel Grizzard Vick, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

Donald Ray Raiford to Amy R. Davio, Jerusalem Dist. Lots 7&8 Block 32, $0

Vivian Lucas to Vivian Lucas, Drewyville Dist. Lot 4, $0

Vivian Lucas to Marilyn Regina Charles, Drewryvile Dist. Lot 4, $50,000

RM Clark Farm Ivor LLC to Dalton C. Parrish, Berlin Ivor Dist. Plat book 36 page 178, $39,000

David I. Lee to Jeffery A. Meyers, Jerusalem Dist. Plat book 36 page 180, $301,000

Railroad Street Apartments LL to Amy Elizabeth Wilson, Newsoms Town, $15,000

Elisha T. Swindell to Ashley S. Fisher, Berlin Ivor Dist. 2 parcels, $0

Carolyn E. Eanes to Community Electric Coop, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

William A. Etheridge Jr. to Community Electric Coop, Capron Dist., $0

James Christopher King to Community Electric Coop, Capron Dist., $0

Jayson Corbitt Williams to Community Electric Coop, Capron Dist., $0

Crystal D. Beale to Community Electric Coop, Newsoms Dist., $0

Herbert Lee Scott, AKA to Scotts LLC, Southampton County 2 parcels Franklin City 3 parcels, $0

RM Clarke Farm Ivor LLC to Vernon T. Babb Jr., Berlin Ivor Dist., Plat book 36 page 182, $32,500

Robert E. Joyner Jr. to Church Community Church of God, Drewryville Dist. 25 Ac., $0

Edward Anthony Clement, Record will and qualify executor, $0

Katrice Danielle Tinsley to Katrice Danielle Everett, $0

Kayla Lashai Powell to Kayla Lashai Barrett, $0

Elizabeth V. Powell to Elizabeth V. Powell, Southampton County, $0

Adam E. Dunavant to Adam E. Dunavant, Ivor Town 2 parcels, $0

Fannie Mae AKA to Amand Lynn Crumpler, Courtland Town Lot 41, $60,000

Clayton Purdy Connell, Record real estate affidavit on 2 parcels, $0

Tammy Whitehead Jarratt to Shalina C. Taylor, Drewryville Dist., $85,000

Shirley Beatty Connell, Record will & qualify executor, $0

Bradley Gavin Barrett to Bradley Gavin Barrett, Berlin Ivor Dist. 7 Ac., $0

Michael J. May to Jonathan L. Mulder Sr., Newsoms Dist. 2 Ac., $14,000

Russell Sage Gayle Jr., Record will and qualify admin CTA, $0

Michael J. Gary to Tiffany Vanessa Gary, Rt 722 Drewryville Dist., $64,000

Gladys Claud Magee, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Carter A. Smith Tr. to Carter A. Smith, Southampton County 7 parcels, $0

Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Franklin Dist. 32267 Oberry Church Road, $145,800

Christopher M. Fatherly to Christopher M. Fatherly, Branchville Town, $0

Wilburn P. Davis, AKA to Wilburn Perry Davis Tr., Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Leathia V. Carroll to Mark A. Carroll, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 3 4.28 Ac., $0

Edward Stewart Drake to Christopher S. Drake, Southampton County, $0

Industrial Dev Authority of So… to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Franklin Dist., $103,500

Jeffery Terrence Butler, Qualify administrator, $0

Robert L. Harrup Jr. to Fake It Til You Make It, Rt 616 Berlin Ivor Dist., $55,000

Hunterdale Investments LLC to Brandy P. Francis, Newsoms Dist. 1.122 Ac., $104,000

Edith H. Barnes to David Eugene Barnes Tr., Southampton County 2 Ac. House Lot, $0

Edith H. Barnes to David Eugene Barnes Tr., Berlin Ivor Dist. 2 parcels, $0

Edith H. Barnes to David Eugene Barnes Tr., Berlin Ivor Dist. 6 Ac., $0

Edith H. Barnes to David Eugene Barnes Tr., Berlin Ivor Dist. 3 parcels, $0

Tyler G. Etheridge to Tyler G. Etheridge, Capron Dist. Lot 2 Sec. A & Lot 2 Sec. B, $0

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Capron Dist. 23592 Indian Town Road Inst. #180000779, $10

Crystal Drake Beale to CMH Manufacturing Inc., Jerusalem Dist. 29024 Sunbeam Road, $0

Newport News Shipbuilding Employee to Stanley Crawford, Newsoms Dist. $19,500

June M. Duck to Mills Robert Edwards, Franklin Dist. $47,500

Deborah Roselius Puckett to Deborah Sue Roselius, $0

Bernice Porter Graves to Brian Graves, Franklin Dist. Lot 10 Lankford Acres Section One, $100

Micheal T. Griffin to Maria B. Vargo, Boykins Town Lots 51 and 52, $90,000

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to William T. Kemp, Drewryville Dist. Inst. #180002177, $90,000

James D. Ozols to Garry D. Whalley, Courtland Town Lot 1, $242,000

Esther R. Poe to Gold Medal Homes, Berlin Ivor Dist. 14151 Tucker Swamp Road, $0

Kimberly N. Williams to Kimberly N. Williams, Boykins Dist. 2 parcels, $0

Leon W. Bolton to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Boykins Dist. $0

Farm and Food Industries Inc. to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Boykins Dist., $0

Sandra Chestnut to Lucas D. Rashaun, Jerusalem Dist. Lot 10 Block C Nottoway Acres, $160,000

Theresa I. Vandamme to Christopher Stewart Drake, Boykins Dist., $58,099

Pamela D. Warren, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

Suntrust Bank Tr. to Harvey P. Holt II, Inst. #060003449, $0

Katie Marie Noelani Luyk to Katie Marie Noelani Hancock, $0

Raymond Davis Bryant Jr., Execu… to Cynthia Lynn Bryant Cobb, Newsoms Dist. 2 parcels, $0

Steve M. Casper to David T. Casper, Branchville Town 2 lots, $0

Nan L. Evans to Rita Thomas, Capron Dist. 29.920 Ac., $85,000

Evans & Bryant PLC Tr. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Trust Inst. #090002425, $128,449.74

Crystal Drake Drake to Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, $0