Southampton County Land Transfers – February 2019

Published 11:58 am Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The following land transfers were recorded in Southampton County Circuit Court in February:

Edward Dieckert to Betty D. Murphy, Franklin City Lot 16 Hunterdale Homes, $99,900

ALO of Virginia LLC to DeAngela Cooper, Franklin City Lot 43, $43,000

Linda Jones King, Probate will only, $0

Elliott G. Cobb Jr. to Ricky C. Hawkes, Franklin City Lot 11, $243,000

Richard A. Pullen to Church Agape Worship Center, Franklin City Lot 11, $243,000

Atlantic Trustee Servies LLC to Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group, Trust Inst. #16000148 and Inst. #180002715, $76,950

Evans & Bryant PLC Tr. to Virginia Housing Development A, Franklin City Inst. #050001165, $126,650

Toby A. Gross By Aif. to Ronnie A. Smithwick, Franklin City 136 Dale Circle, $106,000

Mary R. Davidson to Richard D. Parrish, Franklin City Sec II Gillette Subdiv Lot 16, $195,000

William Renick Houston McEwen, Record real estate aff, $0

Cora Elizabeth McEwen, Record will & appoint executor, $0

Eldridge Lewis Brown Sr. to Robert J. Brown Jr., Franklin City Lot #112 Riverview, $0

Robert J. Brown Jr. to Clayton W. Mitchell, Franklin City, $25,000

Ollie Fennon Turner Jr. to Mark A. Turner, Franklin City High Street, $0

Marjorie Allen Lee, By Aif to Franklin City 2 parcels, $184,900

Cynthia F. Bruce to Elizabeth C. Bunting, Franklin City Lot 8 Joyners Acres, $139,000

William Ernest Edward Sr. to William Ernest Edwards Sr., Franklin City, $0

CR 2018 LLC to James R. Smith, Franklin City, $33,000

Richard B. Hawks II to Casey L. Raiford, Franklin City, Lot 12 & Southern ½ Lot 11, $25,000

Mark Wesley Evans to Shenita V. Rawls, Franklin City Rebecca St. Lot 16 Hunterdale Wh Scotts Lots, $200,000

Evans & Bryant PLC Tr. to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Trust Inst. #080001036 Inst. #080002001, $103,348.32

Weinburg Properties LLC to New Weinberg Properties LLC, Franklin City 5 parcels, $164,725

Weinburg Properties LLC to New Weinberg Properties LLC, Franklin City 5 parcels, $164,725

ALG Trustee LLC Tr. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Trust Inst. #190000018, $0

Keith H. Joyner to Keith H. Joyner, Ivor Town, $0

Thurman G. Copeland Jr. to Thurman G. Copeland Jr. Tr., Franklin Dist. 2 parcels, $0

Russell Lee Powell Sr., Probate of will no qual, $0

James Cecil Davis, Probate will no qual, $0

Winfield Porter III, Record real estate affidavit, $0

ALG Trustee LLC to Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC, Trust Inst. #090003342, $145,800

Jason Leroy Robbins to Kimberly A. Tucker, Franklin Dist. Lot 4 Country Roads Phase 2, $205,000

Enviva Pellets Southampton LLC to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Southampton County, $0

ALO of Virginia LLC to DeAngela Cooper, Franklin City Lot 43, $43,000

Zachary T. Greene to Colleen V. Vaughan, Newsoms Town, $92,500

Latasha Thomas Turner to Latasha Thomas Thomas, $0

Louise H. Grant, Filed certified copy of will, $0

Ridley Foundation to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Boykins, $0

Daniel N. Hartwell to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Southampton County, $3,000

Bruce B. Carr to Bruce B. Carr, 18300 Lakdeside Drie Jerusalem Dist., $0

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Joseph M. Stephenson, 18292 Virginia Avenue Boykins Town, $50,000

Grover B. Edge Jr. to Parkers Peanut LLC, Franklin Dist. 2 parcels, $250,000

Robert Ronald Lewis to Parkers Peanuts LLC, Franklin Dist., $75,000

Deutsche Bank National Trust C to CR 2018 LLC, Franklin City Inst. #180001847, $23,060

Brenda B. Tolliver to Dante H. Santoro, Jerusalem Dist. 2 parcels, $274,000

Barbara Mae Blowe to Lincoln Blowe Jr., Capron Dist. $0

BA Davis Enterprises LLC to ABI Holdings LLC, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Russell Sean Galbreath to L. Brice Francis, Capron Dist. parcel 5 Pond View sub div., $29,300

Marcia Luretta Dicke McClenny to Marcia Luretta Dickerson, $0

Ruby Louise Moss, Record real estate affidavit on survivorship, $0

Ronald L. Parsons to Griggs Lawn and Tractor LLC, Southampton County, $619,795

Anne Pope Kitchen to Anne Pope Kitchen Tr., Drewryville Dist. $0

William Steele Bracey, Record death of William Bracey, $0

William H. Gillette to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Drewryville Dist., $0

Dorothy Maxine Jones to Virginia Electric and Power Co., Drewryville Dist., $0

Cleo M. Jackson to Ellis T. Cofield Jr., Franklin Dist. Lot 14, $15,000

Bryce A. Beale to Lee F. Dixon, Berlin Ivor Dist. 0.919 Ac., $225,000

Mary E. Smith to Irven Kenny, Franklin Dist. Edgehill Sec II Lot 23, $141,000

Wells Fargo Bank NA, By Aif., to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jerusalem Dist. 18250 Lakeside Drive, Trust Inst. #180002114, $10

Ernest Beltrami, Record real estate affidavit, $0

Mary Sharkey Beltrami, Probate will and appoint executor, $0

Giuseppe Cascino to Earl Stinebaugh III, Franklin Dist. Lot 32 Cypress Manor, $90,000

Charles H. Smith to Clayton M. Tweed, Capron Dist., $245,000

Lisa B. Draper to Austin C. Magruder, Sedley Village, $149,900

Billy Lee Hand to Charles H. Smith, Drewryville Dist., 2 parcels, $70,000

Clyde Alan Kitchen to Tyler G. Etheridge, Capron Dist., $9,000

Howard T. Jenkins Jr., Record real estate affidavit for TP 23-1 1 A, $0

Justin T. Jenkins to Amy J. Drake, Berlin Ivor Dist., $0

Blackwater Investment Group L to Stephanie R. Sumpter, Jerusalem Dist., $170,000

Hardev Singh, $0

Britton C. Hager to Jason Cawthorne, Lot 25 Dardens Mill Estates Jerusalem Dist., $228,000

Johanna F. Wiggins to Custom Builders Express LLC, Franklin Dist. $30,000

Wallace Robert Simmons Jr. to Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC, Boykins Dist., $10,000

Thomas Latane Hughes Tr. to Thomas Latane Hughes, $0

Seed Limited Partnership RLL to Brian Sementelli, 45.6 Acres Franklin Dist., $100,00

Navy Federal Credit Union to Charles D. Holt, 19180 Southampton Parkway Capron Dist., $110,000

Sandy Creek LLC to Andrew C. Crane, 32477 Sandy Creek Drive Jerusalem Dist., $239,900

Garland Edwards to Christopher Lee Zurick, 1.02 Acres Capron Dist, $189,999

Charles B. Cobb to Russell A. Hancock, Drewryville Village, $25,000

Klassics Smiles & Associates to Nicole D. Stephens, Main Street Courtland Town, $187,354

Jacob P. Hedgepeth to James R. Stedman, Capron Dist., $125,000

Edward L. Brock to Reed J. Felts, Franklin Dist. Lot 2 Nottoway Manor, $135,000

Ivor Properties Incorporated to Hunter B. Kropewnicki, 12095 Ivor Road Berlin Ivor Dist. $108,900

Robert F. Marks III to KMR3 LLC, Capron Dist. Plat book 36 page 176 & 177, $0

Taylor A. Herring to Jonah Kenneth Fos, Berlin Ivot Dist. Lot 2 Tucker Swamp, $203,000

Paul Daniel Cox to Paul Daniel Cox Jr., Capron Dist., $0

Roseburg Resources Co. to LWB Real Estate LLC, Franklin Dist. Plat book 36 page 175, $150,000

Partnership LLC to James Christopher King, Berlin Ivor Dist. Plat book 36 page 169, $0

Daniel Brooks Quinn to Caleb T. Yerabek, Berlin Ivor Dist. Lot 11 0.919 Ac Unity Road, $210,500