Isle of Wight to open Windsor High School emergency shelter

Published 3:22 pm Thursday, September 13, 2018


Isle of Wight County plans to open Windsor High School as an emergency shelter beginning at 6 p.m. today. The school is located at 24 Church St., Windsor.

Anyone seeking shelter at this location is advised to eat dinner before entering, as the shelter will not begin serving meals until Friday morning. Shelter seekers will not be allowed to enter before 6 p.m. As of Thursday afternoon, the county does not plan to open its second shelter at Smithfield Middle School.

County residents and evacuees are reminded that the shelter is for the general population and that it is designed to keep you safe from a severe emergency event — not long-term sheltering. Planning ahead of time to stay with family or friends can help ease the strss that comes during a disaster. Also, if your family has special needs — medically fragile household members for instance — your planning process needs to include accommodations for those special needs that these emergency shelters cannot provide.

Items those wishing to stay at the shelter should bring with them include:

• Photo identification – all adults must have photo identification and must sign in their complete family upon arrival at the shelter.

• Bedding items

• Personal hygiene items

• Nonperishable food

• A manual can opener if bringing canned foods

• Bottled water

• Special needs food if applicable

• baby items if applicable

• Change of clothing

• “Quiet” entertainment such as reading materials and games

• Medications — if you have a medical condition and/or take prescription medication please notify the shelter at the time of registration.

• A way home — if you arrive in something other than your personal vehicle, be sure you and your family have a way to depart the shelter when it closes.

Those planning to stay in the shelter should plan to be self-sustaining for three days.

Items that should NOT be brought to the emergency shelter include:

• Cooking utensils

• Expensive personal items – you will be responsible for your personal items. The shelter is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

• Pets — please make sure your pets can be safely cared for elsewhere before you come to the shelter.

• Electronic games that are not battery powered.

• Loud music

• Weapons

• Drugs

• Alcohol

Guidelines for staying at the shelter include:

• No smoking.

• Parents are responsible for controlling the actions of their children.

• Children are never to be left unattended.

• Noise levels should be kept to a minimum at all times.

• Everyone needs to be courteous to others.

If these guidelines are not followed, you may be asked to leave the shelter. If you decide to leave the shelter before the emergency has ended, you will not be allowed back into the shelter.