Crime reports

Published 9:47 am Friday, August 4, 2017

Franklin Police Department


7/24 – 7/30

Goletha D. Hayes, 33, possession of burglary tools, 2 counts of 3rd offense larceny, destruction of property, 2 counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor

Tracey Odom, 48, drunk in public

Jasmine A. Lundy, 25, assault and battery

Gregory L. Diggs Jr., 31, 2 counts of breaking and entering, assault and battery

Leondris Scott, 57, assault and battery

Kiera Boone, 23, destruction of property

Shuntrell McNear, 18, grand larceny

Brianna Hunter, 24, aggressive driving

Aleisha Turner, 20, possession of marijuana

Magdeline Jenkins, 49, drunk in public

Keith Whitehead, 26, capias

Darell Sykes, 29, assault and battery, destruction of property, possession of controlled substance

Southampton County Sheriff’s Office

incident reports


Reckless driving, Storys Station Road, Courtland

Larceny from residence, Main St., Courtland

Civil matter, Storys Station Road, Franklin

Unlock vehicle – not urgent, Cottage Hill Road, Sedley

Alarm – general, Doles Road, Ivor

Alarm – general, East St., Boykins

EMS call – illness, Rawls Drive, Ivor

Road blocked, Governor Darden Road, Courtland

Animal control info, Old Belfield Road, Drewryville

EMS call – illness, Everett St., Newsoms

Unlock vehicle – not urgent, Jerusalem Road, Courtland

Break and enter – business, Bride St., Courtland

Alarm – general, Sandy Ridge Road, Franklin

MVA – no injuries, Storys Station Road, Courtland

EMS call – illness, Beaton Ave., Boykins

Animal control info, Plank Road, Courtland

EMS call – illness, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Break and enter – residence, Glyndon St., Courtland

Disturbance, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

EMS call – illness, Carter St., Franklin

Animal control info, Plank Road, Courtland

Disturbance, Darden St., Franklin

Reckless driving, Southampton Pkwy., Capron

Alarm – medical, Country Club Road, Franklin

Alarm – general, Pittman Road, Boykins

EMS call – fall, Robertson St., Courtland

Fraud or scam, Mission Church Road, Zuni

Animal control info, Rivers Mill Road, Capron

Animal control info, Ivor Road, Courtland

Damaged property, Oak Trail, Courtland

MVA – no injuries, Broadwater Road, Ivor

Unlock vehicle – not urgent, South St., Franklin

MVA – no injuries, Fortsville Road, Capron

EMS call – illness, Atlantic Ave., Ivor

Larceny from residence, Flaggy Run Road, Courtland

Disturbance, River Road, Courtland

Damaged property, Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin

Suspicious person, Whitetail Drive, Ivor

MVA – no injuries, Woods Trail, Franklin

Disabled motorist, Ivor Road, Sedley

EMS call – injury, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Animal bite, Seacock Chapel Road, Ivor

EMS call – illness, Pinecrest Drive, Boykins

Attempted suicide, Main St., Courtland

Animal control info, Virginia Ave., Boykins

Animal control info, General Mahone Blvd., Ivor

Stolen property, Oak Trail, Courtland

Animal control info, Virginia Ave., Boykins

Alarm – general, Seacock Chapel Road, Zuni

Animal control info, Plank Road, Courtland

Animal control info, Cross Keys Road, Newsoms

Alarm – general, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

Animal control info, Southampton Pkwy., Courtland

Stolen property, Broad St., Boykins

Break and enter – residence, Smiths Ferry Road, Franklin