Bill would punish hunters who deliberately release dogs on property

Published 11:12 am Saturday, January 23, 2016

Del. C. Matthew Fariss (R-59) of Albemarle, Appomattox, Buckingham, Campbell and Nelson counties on Thursday submitted a House Bill which, if passed, would punish hunters for the intentional release of dogs on the land of another without consent from the landowner. This would amend and add to the Code of Virginia, 18.2-132, trespass by hunters and fishers.

Those convicted would be charged with a Class 3 misdemeanor. A second or subsequent violation of this section within three years is a Class 1 misdemeanor and, upon conviction, the courts would revoke such person’s hunting or trapping license for a period of one year.

“The fact that hunting dogs are present on the lands of another alone is not sufficient evidence to prove that the person acted intentionally,” the bill states.

Due to an early deadline and inclement weather across the state, Del. Fariss was unable to be reached on Friday. More information will be provided when it becomes available.