Chargers fall 19-28

Published 12:54 pm Saturday, October 19, 2013

ISLE OF WIGHT—In spite of improved defensive play, the Isle of Wight Academy Chargers lost 19-28 on home turf Friday, as the Blessed Sacrament-Huguenot Knights spoiled their homecoming evening.

A victory looked promising from the start for the Chargers. A little more than five minutes into play they got their first touchdown. By the end of the first quarter, IWA had gained another touchdown and was ahead of Blessed Sacrament by 12-7.

But things changed afterward. Within the second quarter, the Knights came up to lead 28-12.

IWA wide receiver Aaron Fronfelter brought the score up to 18 within 6 minutes of the third quarter, and Josh Weihe kicked the extra point to make the score 19-28. That’s where everyone stayed until the end. The rest of the game saw the Chargers successfully fighting to prevent more points by the Knights.

Afterward, IWA Coach Dale Chapman commented on his team.

“We can’t get a tempo,” he said, explaining that when the players get to a second or third position, they tend to stay there.

“They played their hearts out, but execution is important,” said Chapman, and added that the Chargers need to regroup and put more points on the board.

Further, he finds it “tough to take” when he sees those 8 or so point differences.

However, Chapman said, “the defense gets better each week, but one big play hurts us. Defense needs to be focused on every snap.”

IWA plays against Atlantic Shores Friday, Nov. 1.

Weihe was the leading rusher for the Chargers. He had 10 carries for 65 rushing, as well as a catching a 54-yard pass. He scored both on the ground and another through the air.

Through the air, the Chargers were 7 for 18 with one interception for 149 yards.