Isle of Wight Academy wins road game 28-7

Published 11:08 am Saturday, September 14, 2013

BLACKSTONE—Coach Dale Chapman said it wasn’t pretty, but a win was a win.

The Isle of Wight Academy Chargers (2-1) traveled to Blackstone to defeat the Kenston Forest Kavaliers (1-3) 28-7.

“We started off slow,” Chapman said. “Our first few drives stalled, then we went for it on fourth down. We went for it and the kid was wide open. If he had caught it, it would have been a touchdown.

“But he dropped it, and we gave them good field position. We let them score, but it was the only score they had.”

Chapman said there were some other flaws on offense, including a fumble on the 3-yard-line.

“We just missed the execution on some plays,” Chapman said. “The game could have been a lot better for us, score wise.”

The coach did admit that the Charger defense was impressive.

“Our defense was sound,” he said. “They had two running backs who we had scouted, so we knew what they were going to do. We did a good job containing them.

“They had one decent pass on a backup corner, but otherwise we shut down their passing game. Our defense was definitely the strong point of the night.”

As far as offense, Chapman said the passing game was off, so the Chargers had to rely on the running game.

“They were putting some pressure on our quarterback, but some of those passes could have been caught, and we could have made some better decisions,” he said. “The running game was solid, though. We got the yards when we needed the yards, and we got the first downs when we needed them.”

Once the Chargers got rolling, Chapman said his team was able to control the ball.

“Mid way through the second quarter, and then the whole second half, we were able to do what we wanted to do if we kept it on the ground,” he said. “We moved the ball well, and most of the time it resulted in scores.”

Chapman said a couple of linebackers played well, including Josh Weihe, who made some big plays and also had a rushing touchdown. Chapman said Gage Rogers did a good job on defense and also returned a punt for a touchdown.

The Chargers will play at home Sept. 20 against Brunswick Academy at 7 p.m.