Published 10:34 am Friday, September 6, 2013




Possession of drugs, marijuana

Assault, simple-domestic, Windsor


Residential burglary, Ivor

Destruction of private property, Windsor


Trespassing, Franklin


Driving under the influence, Windsor


Simple Assault, Windsor





Destruction/Damage/Vandalism, Rose Valley Road

Motor vehicle accident, 58 eastbound at Pretlow

Wrecker needed, 58 just east of 35

Larceny, Camp Parkway

Destruction/Damage/Vandalism, Thomas Street

Alarm, Smiths Ferry Road

Domestic Trouble, Thomas Street

Motor vehicle accident, General Thomas Highway

Domestic Trouble, Jerusalem Road

Structure fire, Monroe Road

Alarm, Delaware Road

Motor vehicle accident, Southampton Parkway

Disturbance, Oak Trail


Rescue Call, Penny Lane

Intoxicated driver, 58 at 7-11

Destruction/Damage/Vandalism, General Thomas Highway

Rescue call, Johnson’s Mill Road

Rescue call, Ricks Drive

Wrecker needed, 58 eastbound/Route 308

Domestic trouble, W. Railroad

Wrecker needed, 671 Cypress Bridge

Motor vehicle accident, General Mahone Boulevard

Prisoner in custody, 58/Drewry Road

Rescue call/Broadwater Road

Assist motorist, Southampton Parkway

Disturbance, Jerusalem Road

Disturbance, Atlantic Avenue

Rescue call, Wills Circle

Rescue call, Everett Street


Disturbance, Old Place Road

Disturbance, White House Road

Rescue call, Cabin Pond Lane

Alarm, Carys Bridge Road

Rescue call, Doles Road

Rescue call, Beaton Avenue

Motor vehicle accident, Route460/Broadwater

Alarm, George Street

Rescue call, Proctors Bridge Road

Wrecker needed, Route 308/Route 58

Disturbance, Everett Street

Trespass, Doles Road

Rescue call, Bell Road

Domestic trouble, East Railroad

Alarm, Rochelle Swamp

Rescue call, Edgehill Drive


Rescue call, Pittman Road

Intoxicated driver, Homestead/Calvin

Traffic hazard, General Mahone Boulevard

Assist law enforcement, Rochelle Swamp Road

Alarm, Grays Shop Road

Assist motorist, 58W/Shady Brook Trail

Theft from motor vehicle, Brandy Pond Road

Larceny, Beaton Avenue

Reckless Driver, 58 W Barahms Hill

Destruction/damage/vandalism, Old Joyner Lane

Wrecker needed, 58 W Royal Oak

Destruction/damage/vandalism, Thomaston Road

Wrecker Needed, Capron

Credit card/auto teller machine, Peachtree Avenue

Trespass, General Thomas Highway

Burglary/B&E, Sykes Drive

Reckless driver, 58W past Franklin

Disturbance, Pittman Road

Littering, Clayton Road

Domestic trouble, Proctors Bridge

Intimidation, Sedley Road

Alarm, Southampton Parkway

Domestic trouble, Thomas Street

Welfare check, South Main Street

Rescue call, Jerusalem Road


Suicide/attempted suicide, Riverdale Drive

Rescue call, Riverdale Drive

Mental subject, Nemeth Drive

Domestic trouble, Hicksford

Intoxicated driver, 7-11/Main

Rescue call, Petersburg

Mental subject, Riverdale Drive

Disturbance, Carter Street

Alarm, Ivor Road

Check welfare, Unity Road

Rescue call, Askew Street

Motor vehicle accident, General Thomas Highway

Motor vehicle accident, Shady Brook Trail

Rescue call, Drewry Road

Rescue call, Woods Trail

Reckless Driver, 58E through town of Courtland

Assist motorist, Southampton Parkway

Assist motorist, Routes 189/258

Traffic hazard, South Quay Road

Noise complaint, Atlantic Avenue

Rescue call, Tuckers Drive

Assault, Pittman Road


Noise complaint, Branch Bridge Street

Motor vehicle accident, Routes 35/671

Prisoner in custody, 58/Rawlings Pond

Structure fire, Plank Road

Assist fire department, Plank Road

Rescue call, Woodland Road

Rescue call, Elizabeth Street

Wrecker needed, Barrow Road East of Popes Station Road

Traffic hazard, Fortsville Road

Structure fire, Plank Road

Rescue call, General Mahone Boulevard

Rescue call, Pine Street, Wakefield

Rescue call, Tuckers Drive


Domestic trouble, Branch Bridge Street

Prisoner in custody, 58/Rawlings Pond

Assist motorist, Popes Station Road

Rescue call, Railroad

Motor vehicle accident, 58W/Story Station

Alarm, Agripark

Larceny, Broad Street

Burglary/B&E, Thomas Street

Motor vehicle accident, 3 Creeks at the Bridge

Rescue call, 3 Creeks at the Bridge

Check welfare, Monroe

Rescue call, Shands Drive

Wrecker needed, 58 at 35 off-ramp

Domestic trouble, Doles Road

Animal control case, Womble Mill Road

Check welfare, 58WB by Loveland Food Mart


Rescue call, Pittman Road

Trespass, North Main Street

All other larceny, Southampton Parkway

BOL reckless driver, Smiths Ferry Road

Wrecker needed, Southampton Parkway

Disturbance, Southampton Parkway

Wrecker needed, Blackhead Signpost

Destruction/damage/vandalism, Delaware Road

Alarm, Ivor Road

False pretense/swindle/confide, Lightwood Drive

Rescue call, Main Street

Rescue call, Southampton Parkway

BOL, wanted subject from North Carolina

Domestic trouble, Hyders Drive

Welfare check, Delaware Road

Motor vehicle accident, Bethany School/South Quay Road