Janice M. Brown

Published 2:23 pm Saturday, June 2, 2012

Name: Janice M. Brown

Janice M. Brown’s favorite movie is “The Color Purple.” -- JAMES ARTIS/TIDEWATER NEWS

Occupation: Teacher

Children’s NAMES AND ages: Angelia Harris 40, Joyce D. Everrett 30, Ashley Brown 18

Church affiliation: White Oak Spring

If I could change my name: I wouldn’t change it

Pets I’d like to own: Dog

Favorite movie of all time: “The Color Purple”

TV shows I never miss: “Dancing with the Stars”

The secret to happiness is: Finding the Lord

If I had to eat only three foods for the rest of my life, they’d be: Fish, macaroni and cheese, rice

Three words that best describe me: Fun, friendly, loud

One superpower I wish I had: Magic invisible

Book on my nightstand: The Bible

My most recent trip: California

I really lose my cool when: When I am done wrong

Favorite college sports team: North Carolina Tar Heels

Favorite pro sports team: Miami Heat

Favorite colors: Black and white

Best life lesson and who taught me: Do unto others — my grandmother

Best decision in life: To start to turn toward the Lord

Local charitable or nonprofit organization more people should support: March of Dimes, United Negro College Fund

Best childhood memory: Riding in the back of my dad’s truck going to the store