Alvin S. Turner

Published 4:58 pm Monday, February 18, 2013

Name: Alvin S. Turner

Alvin Turner would like to own a pet rock.

Alvin Turner would like to own a pet rock.

Age: 60

Occupation and title: Retired

Spouse’s name: Mirinda

Children’s names and ages: LaQuisha, 36; Shirilitta, 41

Church affiliation: St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church

Pet I’d like to own: A rock

People say I look like: Myself

Favorite movie of all time: Action movies

TV show I never miss: The news

I wish I knew how to: Fly helicopters

If I had to eat only two foods for the rest of my life, they’d be: Fish and vegetables

Three words that best describe me: God-fearing man

One superpower I wish I had: To be able to heal

Book currently on my nightstand: Bible

My proudest achievement: Salvation

My most humbling moment: Retirement

My most recent trip: Lynchburg

My life won’t be complete until: I do what God has called me to do.

My friends think I’m: Honest

I really lose my cool when: I see people endangering lives by text messaging

Favorite college sports team: Virginia Tech

Favorite pro sports team: Oakland Raiders

Favorite colors: Black and silver

Best life lesson I’ve learned, and who taught me: To put God first and follow him. My mother.

Best decision I’ve made in life: Giving my life to the Lord.

Local charitable or non-profit organization I wish more people would support: Their church

What gives me the blues: To see kids mistreated

Best childhood memory: Christmas

Most recent venture: Introducing people to Healthy Water