Frank M. Urquhart Jr.

Published 10:18 am Saturday, January 15, 2011

NAME: Frank M. Urquhart Jr.

Frank M. Urquhart Jr. is the father of Shantina, Sheila Juanice, Sheri Antoinette and Ja’Lisha Nicole.

AGE: Nearly 56

OCCUPATION & TITLE: Owner of Urquhart’s Community Lawn Maintenance


CHILDREN’S NAMES: Shantina, Sheila Juanice, Sheri Antoinette and Ja’Lisha Nicole

IF I COULD CHANGE MY NAME, I’D MAKE IT:  Franswa De la Ciroc. My online friends love it

PET I’D LIKE TO OWN: I would love to have a solid buckskin tiger or a gloss black puma

FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME: “The Green Mile.”  I love the way the character, George, is able to pull affliction out of others and how he struggles with it as somewhat of a curse

TV SHOW I NEVER MISS: I try not to miss the NBC Nightly News. If I miss it at 6:30 p.m., I watch it at 9:30 p.m. on my satellite feed. As a last resort, I watch it on

THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS IS: Loving what you do. There is nothing worse than being involved in something when your heart is not in it

IF I COULD EAT ONLY THREE FOODS FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE, THEY’D BE: The Virginia Diner’s carrot soufflé, snow crab legs and baked salmon, seasoned just right

THREE WORDS THAT BEST DESCRIBE ME: Crazy, inquisitive and insightful

ONE SUPERPOWER I WISH I HAD: I wish I could just touch people and heal them. I don’t like to see people suffer

BOOK CURRENTLY ON MY NIGHTSTAND: Ruritan Club and District Officer Handbook

MY PROUDEST ACHIEVEMENT: Learning to read. I did not learn until I was in fourth grade

MY MOST HUMBLING MOMENT: This was when I faced cancer. At the chemo treatment center, I looked around at all those people and said to myself, “God, I did not come here to die.  Let me show them how to trust in You and live”

MY MOST RECENT TRIP: The White House for an invitational Christmas tour and then to Arena Stage’s new facility, where my sister, Desiree, works, to see the play “Oklahoma,” which was great

MY LIFE WON’T BE COMPLETE UNTIL: I complete all that God has put me here to do in this timeframe

MY FRIENDS THINK I’M: Too easy on people; let them take advantage of me. I tell my friends, “They have to reconcile that account with God, not me. Trust me”

I REALLY LOSE MY COOL WHEN: People say, you can’t do that, or go there. I say, “why not? Been there, done that. What are you so afraid of?”

THE BEST LIFE LESSON I’VE LEARNED AND WHO TAUGHT ME: Go out in life and live, then making a living will come easy. If you go out in life just to make a living, then you will never learn how to live. I learned this from my old streetwise mentor — Pop Smith in Baltimore

BEST DECISION I’VE MADE IN LIFE: Is to love my girls with all my heart


WHAT GIVES ME THE BLUES: Negative people

MY BEST CHILDHOOD MEMORY: My childhood was so blessed. Rowing on the river with my granddad and helping my dad and uncles with their business endeavors. Every day was an adventure — there was nothing I was not allowed to help with.