Franklin pastor writes book

Published 9:00 am Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Peggy Scott, pastor of Fellowship Around The Word Church in Franklin, autographs her new book at Macy’s Department Store in St. Louis.


FRANKLIN—Dr. Peggy Scott, pastor of Fellowship Around The Word Church in Franklin, has released her new book, “Life with Dr. Carolyn Harrell: A Magnanimous Journey.”

“I wanted to share with the people that knew my sister, Dr. Carolyn Harrell, and just basically share with people about the triumph, the victories, the failures and even some of the sorrows that we experienced in ministry,” Scott said. “It’s about both of our lives. She was a national speaker.”

Harrell passed in 2002 from an illness.

“If you look on the back of the book, there is a quote that talks about lessons, accept lessons that were taught, and that’s basically what the book is about,” Scott said.

The quote says, “Learn the lessons that Dr. Carolyn Harrell’s life taught us and understand how God can use one person’s life to create a ripple to touch many.”

Also on the back of the book, readers can find tributes to Harrell from nationally renowned ministers such as Dr. Betty Price, Bishop Mark J. Chironna and Zonella Thompson.

“She was well known and well loved,” said Scott.

Scott, who was raised in Franklin and returned in 1999, began writing the book in 2010.

“I would write for a while, then I would stop and I would go back to it again,” she said.

Scott estimated that it took four months to complete the book.

In 2009, she went to a reunion in California, and at that time, she began telling people about her idea for the book.

“I think the main objective was to share some things that I thought would help others,” said Scott. “I talk about abuse in my life. I talk about family history and dysfunction in the family. I talk about failed marriages. Just many of things people face in everyday living, but a lot of people try to present another image.”

Her primary goal is to share the lessons and practical truths she has learned during more than 30 years in ministry.

According to Scott, both men and women have told her the book “really blessed their lives.”

Scott is promoting and advertising her book and was recently in St. Louis with Candi Staton, who wrote the foreword for Scott’s book.

A book signing is planned for the area in the future.

She hopes readers learn a lesson from the book.

“No matter what your birth history is, no matter what obstacles you may face in life, God has a way of taking all those things and causing them to work out for our benefit,” Scott said. “Even in the midst of pain, there are lessons to be taught. When we come to the end of ourselves, and we feel as if we have nowhere else to turn, God is there waiting for us to turn to Him, and that he can bring restoration.”