Chance to hunt was rewarding

Published 9:06 am Friday, December 10, 2010

Participating in the Wheelin Sportsman’s Hunt at Newsoms Hunt Club, are, in front, Chris Retcliff; from left in middle, Ron Werner, Vic Camechis, Ernest West, Walter Bossuot and Larry Fowler; and in back, Curtis Drake, David Nurney, Andy Vann, Marrol Owens and Keith Futrell.

Let me start by apologizing for making a rookie columnist mistake and not getting the names of everyone for pictures I wanted to share with my column on last week’s Outdoor page.  Because of this, my column did not run last week.
Mark Pope started our Thanksgiving weekend with an invite to sit in a couple of stands on Thursday afternoon at Southampton Outfitters.
My 16-year-old son, David, harvested a nice doe late in the day, and we enjoyed listening to the dogs and watching them work. Thank you, Mark.
On the Friday after Thanksgiving, I was invited to the Newsoms Hunt Club by Larry Fowler to visit with a special group of hunters. These hunters are all members of the Wheelin Sportsman division of the National Wild Turkey Federation.
As Curtis Drake explained, the Wild Turkey Federation makes arrangements with various groups to sponsor hunts for these folks in prime areas. Curtis said this would be the fourth or fifth year that the Newsoms’ Hunt Club has sponsored the event.
Participating this year were Ernest West, Vick Camchis from Gloucester, Chris Ratcliff from Danville, Walter Bossuot and Ronald Werner. Ronald also brought along his grandson, Shane.
We visited at lunchtime. Pulling into the club, the parking lot was full, and there was a huge gathering near the back of the club. Jake Porter had brought in an impressive 12-point taken earlier in the morning and everyone wanted a look. Jake’s brother, Josh, said it was just plain luck that he was successful.
As for the participants in the day’s program, Walter said he had seen more deer that day than he has seen in a long time.  Ronald said he had taken a nice buck last year on this same hunt, but he would have to try again in the afternoon.
Vick missed one in the morning running. It was Chris’ first year on this particular hunt, and he was looking forward to the afternoon.
While visiting, we were invited to share in some barbecued venison, pork, hot dogs and chips.  It was a perfect noontime meal at the club.
There was great fellowship, high excitement, an awful lot of bragging and ragging going on, and a very friendly atmosphere. A thanks goes to all the members of the club, and to Larry and Curtis.
Friday night, I headed to Hyde County, N.C., with my son, David, and his twin brother, Robert, for more deer hunting on Saturday. Landowner Mike Tierney had a special guest hunting duck while we were there. Her name is Tersa Hanson from Manteo, N.C., and she is 15 years old.
Mike made sure she took home her first two mallards to show her father. Mike told me that the group he had on the first day of duck limited out and they took five bear off the property during the early season including a 552-pound bruin.  Mike can be reached at 252-423-0588 if you are interested in duck hunting or the late season bear hunt.
I should mention that the big one escaped them, but is expected back before the late season begins.
Saturday, Robert and David hunted hard all day. Robert missed a buck around noon. David took a doe about 2 p.m., and Robert took one just before sunset.
Their comments about Thanksgiving weekend: They can’t wait to do it again, it was great.
My comment:  I can’t think of a better way for teenagers to spend their time than in the outdoors, doing something wholesome and rewarding.
Until next week, stay safe and introduce someone to the outdoors; neither of you will regret it.