Connie Cole Speight

Published 10:40 am Saturday, September 4, 2010

Name: Connie Cole Speight

One of Connie Cole Speight's favorite childhood memories was traveling throughout the United States and Canada, showing cats. Her family had the Cat of the Year in 1980.

Age: 47

Occupation: Receptionist for eight years for Drs. Robert Edwards, Daniel Peak and Alan Edwards

In a relationship with: My best friend, Michael Shirley

Children’s names: Lindsay Speight Goodman, Kendall Speight Smith and John Roger Speight

Church affiliation: Baptist

If I could change my name, I’d make it: I’ve always liked my name

Pet I’d like to own: Horse

People say I look like: My daughters

Favorite movie of all time: “Ghost”

TV show I never miss: “NCIS,” “CSI”

The secret to happiness is: Faith, family, friends

I wish I knew how to: Make a million bucks

Song I’d love to sing at karaoke: They say I can’t sing

If I had to eat only three foods for the rest of my life, they’d be: Pork chops, cream potatoes, ice cream

Three words that describe me: Hard worker, caring, witty

One superpower I wish I had: To see the future

Book currently on my nightstand: I don’t usually have a lot of time to read. I’d rather be cooking, canning or pickling.

My proudest achievement: Raising three wonderful children

Most humbling moment: Seeing the birth of my grandson

Most recent trip: Rode along the North Carolina coast through historical towns of Myrtle Beach

My life won’t be complete until: I feel that I have unlimited blessings and hope to continue giving and receiving until the end.

My friends think I’m: Easy to talk to, understanding

I really lose my cool when: When people are cruel to each other

Favorite college sports team: I usually root for the team that’s not expected to win

Favorite pro sports team: New England Patriots

Favorite Color: Pink

The best life lesson I’ve learned, and who taught me: I think I am still learning, but I would have to say the elders are the best teachers because they have already experienced all that we continue to face. I am continually trying to make the best decisions I can face in life.

Local charitable or non-profit organization I wish more people would support: We have a nursing scholarship with Paul D. Camp Community College at the doctors’ office where I work in memory of our co-worker, Connie Patterson. Although our patients are our biggest supporters of our own fundraisers, we would love to reach our goal.

What gives me the blues: Listening to the news and seeing what’s happening in our world and with our youth.

My best childhood memory: My dad taking me dove and rabbit hunting, and traveling the United States, showing Persian cat that we raised. In 1980, we had Cats of the Year for the United States with my mother, and Canada.