LETTER: Sign up to become a poll worker

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, June 26, 2024

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Dear Editor,

I guess the time has come to just say this: “Stand up or shut up”. If you really want to know how election votes are counted, then get up off your sofa, put your phone down, and come and help us work the polls on Nov. 5. It will be long hours for the small stipend we get, but this election will determine your government for the next four years. We had a primary election on June 18 and several of our voting precincts were covered by only three workers instead of the six there should have been. 

Does that sound right to you? What could you possibly be doing on election day that is more important than seeing firsthand how the election process works?  

Go down to the registrar’s office today and sign up to help us. Millions of Americans will be voting on Nov. 5, and when you come to vote, the four of us may decide to be on a break or worse. No kidding, folks. How about giving us a hand?

Kevin Insull