Pitch Hit and Run competition held at Luter Sports Complex

Published 6:00 pm Monday, June 17, 2024

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In a celebration of youth athleticism, the Major League Baseball (MLB) Pitch, Hit and Run Competition was held June 8 at the Luter Sports Complex in Smithfield, bringing together budding talents from across Isle of Wight County.

The atmosphere was electric as participants ages 7 to 14 stepped up to the plate, showcasing their pitching, hitting, and running skills in baseball or softball Each competitor had the opportunity to demonstrate his or her prowess in these fundamental aspects of the game, aiming to impress judges and spectators alike.

The pitching segment witnessed precision and power as youngsters took the mound, delivering fastballs with poise and determination. With eyes fixed on the target, they displayed remarkable accuracy, drawing cheers from the crowd and judges with every well-placed pitch.

The hitting portion of the competition was a spectacle of skill and technique. From compact swings to powerful drives, the participants showcased their ability to make solid contact with the ball, sending it soaring into the outfield with impressive distance and trajectory.

Speed was on display during the running segment, as contestants sprinted around the bases with lightning-fast agility. With determination etched on their faces, they raced towards first base, eager to complete the 90′ basepath in the shortest time possible and claim victory in the ultimate test of athleticism.

While the competition was fierce, the camaraderie among participants was evident throughout the event. Encouraging cheers and high-fives were exchanged freely, highlighting the sportsmanship and camaraderie that define the spirt of baseball.

Following intense competition, winners were crowned in various age groups, with each victor receiving recognition for their outstanding performance. The local champions were awarded with a certificate and entry into the Team Competition, which will be held later this year at Washington Nationals Stadium where they will potentially compete for a berth in the National Championship held during Game Two of this fall’s World Series.  The following players were crowned:

  • Baseball 8-U: Jude Macalino
  • Baseball 10-U: Jovanny Urbina
  • Baseball 12-U: Derrin Warren
  • Baseball 14-U: Alexander Santana
  • Softball 8-U: Elizabeth Savage
  • Softball 10-U: Sofia Urbina
  • Softball 12-U: Sydney Griffin

For these young athletes, the event served as a platform to showcase their skills, fueling their passion for the game and igniting dreams of one day stepping onto the grand stage of professional baseball.