COLUMN: Political apathy by citizenry equals societal destruction

Published 8:00 am Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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By J. Edward Howell Jr.
Your Turn

First, we witnessed God and Jesus Christ’s removal from public places. Children could not pray in school.  Chaplains could not reference our Savior, Jesus Christ, in their counseling of soldiers. Christmas became just a holiday. The Easter Bunny became more important than the Risen Christ.  We have seen some churches become propaganda platforms, especially some black churches. That was the beginning.

Now, we have seen the law enforcement officials morph into protectors of the criminals. District Attorneys, whose job is to charge and prosecute people who break our laws, now set criminals free and prosecute people like Daniel Penny, an ex-marine, who tried to protect riders in the NYC subway system from a man threatening to kill them, charged with a crime  We see, Leticia James, the NYC AG, charging the Republican candidate for President of the US, with outlandish charges that have no victims, no one damaged or hurt, and yet he is burdened with a $454,000,000.00 bond that, if not paid by an early date, gives James the right to seize Donald Trump’s properties and bank accounts.  Sound fair to you? And then there is D.A. Fanni Willis, in Georgia, the same type of harassment. The citizenry remains quiet; no outcry. 

The school system is failing our children on a massive scale. Our children cannot adequately read, write, or compute math problems at their grade level. Instead, their fresh and fertile little minds are being filled with transgenderism or LGBTQ+. Then we see our college-age kids protesting in the streets against God’s Chosen people, Israel, and singing their praises for the Terrorists and the Palestinian Hamas; still no outcry!

 The federal government has mandated DEI diversification. All people, including the physically and mentally disabled, have to be considered for federal jobs, including Air Traffic Control. Merit and ability to perform cannot be a factor. Just look at the President’s Cabinet—it is obvious!

We have seen the demise of patriotism. The Superintendent of our once pristine military school, West Point, removed “Duty, Honor, and Country” from the school’s mission statement. Our once supreme armed services have been transformed into a band of confused, propagandized individuals led by politically compliant Generals.

We have seen young people who love and respect our flag and what it stands for reprimanded and criticized by their teachers and Principals. We never hear that beloved song, “God Bless America,” sung anymore. In her mid-fifties, Kate Smith made that song her theme. It was sung beautifully by her. How about “America the Beautiful”? Why don’t we hear that song anymore? It is because too many of the people, even the illegal migrants, do not see America as beautiful. They see it as a candy store to raid and devour. 

There is an answer to all this!  In God’s Word, 2nd Chronicles 7:14, we read these words,” If my people, who are called by my name, humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land.”

It is time to stop sitting on your hands, do what you are supposed to do as a contributing citizen, and as you do that, fold your hands into prayer mode and return, both self and nation, to God.

J. Edward Howell Jr. is a native of Southampton County. He can be reached via email at