LETTER: Our youth matter

Published 10:37 pm Thursday, February 1, 2024

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To the Editor:

Currently in Southampton County there are four public elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. In addition to those public schools there is one private school and also those who are home-schooled. All of those schools have thriving sports programs, but reality is that not every child will be able to participate because of the limited numbers allowed for each school’s team. We can’t dismiss the fact that there is also a large group of children who don’t like sports at all, but like things such as debate team, fishing, electronics, welding, karate, chess, etc. My question is are we providing the proper additional outlets for our youth who are expected to be the future leaders and citizens of the Southampton Community? In my opinion, the answer is no but we have the ability to do so by exploring two simple things, which are a dedicated parks and recreation department and also a dedicated complex that loudly says “we are Southampton County and our youth matter.” Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and it’s time for us to plant a new seed that helps set them up for future success.’

Kashif Carter