Water main replacement nears substantial completion

Published 12:30 pm Wednesday, January 17, 2024

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Windsor Town Manager William Saunders reported during the Town Council’s Wednesday, Jan. 10, meeting that contractors had completed the Duke Street and Virginia Avenue water main installation, except for minor elements that will be required when charging the line.

“They are currently working on individual service connection installation,” he said. “They may also ask for an extension to the project, due to inclement weather, for the repairing of the driveways and the final grading on the yards. We’ve yet to see anything in writing, but we had a progress meeting yesterday where that was discussed.”

Windsor Mayor George Stubbs said, “I don’t know whether anyone drove Duke Street from Virginia Avenue, but I did this morning, and I know we had a lot of rain, but there’s a lot of water standing in a lot of areas, so they may need that extension because it’s going to take some time, I think, for it to dry out, because we’ve got another storm coming…”

Vice Mayor J. Randy Carr asked what the initial deadline was for the water main replacement project.

“I want to say Jan. 20 was when they were supposed to meet substantial completion,” Saunders said, “but they likely will have substantial completion even though there’s a number of things that need to be buttoned up, but they won’t have the entire project wrapped up by then.”

“But everything underground is done?” Carr said.

“As far as the mains, there’s one place in the new main that’s in conflict with a fire hydrant from the old main,” Saunders replied, “so until they make the switch, they can’t make that last bit of installation at the end of Virginia Avenue. So the main that they can do without turning off the other one is done, and they’ve done most of the meter setters on individual services.”

He noted that workers are still flushing and testing the line.

Councilman David Adams said, “And the existing main is going to remain buried in place, they’re not taking any of that out, right?”

“Correct,” Saunders said.