Regula nominated for Ward 6 school board seat

Published 7:21 am Monday, January 15, 2024

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The Franklin City Council held a public hearing Monday, Jan. 8, to allow for nominations of individuals who could fill the vacant Ward 6 seat on the Franklin City School Board, and Robert Holt, who is chairman of the board, put forth a nominee.

“I’m pleased to nominate Dreama Regula for the Ward 6 seat,” he said, asking her to stand.

Holt noted that Regula contacted him Wednesday, Jan. 3, expressing an interest in serving on the school board in the seat that had become vacant Nov. 30 with the resignation of Jerry McCreary.

McCreary resigned due to continuing health issues. He had served on the board since July 1, 2020, when he was appointed to fulfill part of the unexpired term of the previous Ward 6 representative. He was then appointed by City Council to serve a full three-year term that will expire June 30.

Holt met with Regula on Thursday, Jan. 4, and he indicated that they had an extended discussion about her potentially serving on the board.

“I believe she’s interested, and I believe she would be an asset to our board,” he said.

He stated that she is a graduate of Smithfield High School and has taken business courses at Camp Community College.

“She has a son who’s autistic, and she’s very familiar with all the special education rules and regulations, particularly IEPs and 504s and things of that sort,” he said.

IEPs, or Individualized Education Programs, and 504 plans can offer formal help for K-12 students who are struggling in school, officials stated at

Continuing his nomination speech, Holt noted that Regula has two daughters who are college graduates.

“She’s currently the office coordinator of Helena Chemical in Courtland,” he said.

Regula was the lone person nominated during the public hearing Monday.

Franklin City Manager Amanda C. Jarratt said that historically, the City Council has interviewed candidates for the positions on the school board.

“I can have staff reach out to the individual that’s been nominated to see their schedule and then touch base with you all regarding her availability,” Jarratt said. “Typically you’ve done (interviews) in advance of a regularly scheduled City Council meeting.”

The next regularly scheduled City Council meeting is Monday, Jan. 22, at 7 p.m., but Jarratt noted that there is already a 6 p.m. budget-related work session scheduled prior to that meeting.

“We could go ahead and schedule the interview for 5:30 (p.m.) on Jan. 22,” she said. “If you’d like to do that, we’d then start your work session at 6.”

Ward 1 Councilman Mark R. Kitchen said, “So tonight is the only night to nominate someone?”

“Correct,” Jarratt said. “So no one can be appointed to the school board that’s not nominated at the advertised public hearing.”

But then she did outline a possible avenue for further nominations.

“So again, traditionally, you have held interviews of the candidates that were nominated,” she said. “In the past you have instructed staff to re-advertise and conduct another public hearing once those interviews were conducted, but it was done after the interview was held. But if you’d like to garner additional nominations, we can certainly advertise another public hearing, but no one can be considered that’s not nominated at a public hearing.”

Kitchen indicated that advertising another public hearing at this point in time was not necessary.

The council consensus was that a 5:30 p.m. interview with Regula on Jan. 22 would work.

“We’ll reach out to her in the morning,” Jarratt said.