Board presented with plan to reorganize JPK

Published 9:48 pm Thursday, December 7, 2023

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The Franklin City School Board was presented Thursday, Dec. 7, with a plan to reorganize J.P. King Jr. Middle School for the 2024-25 school year to expand Career and Technical Education opportunities for students.

The board did not take action to approve the plan Thursday but did vote to continue the conversation about it moving forward.

Franklin City Public Schools Director of Operations Dr. Clint Walters presented the plan, opening by noting that school districts continually monitor their overall operations and make recommendations to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The second slide in Walters’ presentation stated that under the proposed JPK reorganization plan, sixth grade would be housed in Modular B at S.P. Morton Elementary School, having the following expected impacts:

  • Facilitates staffing as the Elementary Endorsement is pre-K-6th grade;
  • Decreases additional operating costs associated with a middle school bus run; and
  • Refurbishment would be necessary for portions of Mod B through use of existing construction funding.

The reorganization plan would also move seventh grade to the third hall at Franklin High School, with the following attendant developments:

  • Seventh and eighth grade classes would operate as year-long classes rather than the 4 x 4 model currently used in grades 8-12; and
  • Would require some classroom relocation.

Walters’ presentation noted that the proposed plan is looking to house CTE programs at JPK with the exception of building trades, which will be at FHS, and early childhood education, which will be at SPM.

The plan would involve each CTE program being provided with a classroom space and a lab space, the presentation stated, adding that FCPS officials are looking at programs that can be double-blocked.

This story will be developed further.