LETTER: Need to do better

Published 5:19 pm Thursday, November 16, 2023

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To the Editor:

Those of us who reside in the Franklin/Southampton environs are fortunate to live in an area that offers the charm and hospitality of rural, small-town life at its best. Our populace is comprised of varied races and ethnicities, of varied backgrounds and personalities, yet we are respectful and cordial to one another. We may have differing opinions on social issues, religion, and politics, but we voice our differences harmoniously. 

This was not the case, however, in our recent local election with its negative ads and mudslinging. Folks, we are better than this. In the past, candidates for our local elections would concentrate on informing the public about what they believed, what they stood for, and what they hoped to achieve. Some candidates in our recent election spent time accusing their opponents of malfeasance with little regard for the truth. Local elections should be based on the qualifications of the candidates, not the degradation of their opponents. 

Unfortunately, we cannot control negative campaigning on the federal and state levels, but we should insist upon it in our local elections. In the future, let us endeavor to do better. 

Jim Rainey