Branchville mayor candidate: Nancy Phelps Barrett

Published 1:56 am Monday, October 30, 2023

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1.) Can you briefly summarize why you decided to run for reelection as the mayor of Branchville? 

I chose to run again because I like serving my community the best way I know how. I have been a part of Branchville since I was 6 years old and I feel like I have a connection with the residents here.

2.) What experience and achievements would you cite that support your bid as being the best candidate to serve as Branchville’s mayor for the next four years?

l have been involved in the community since 1986. I served on the planning committee from 1986 to 1988. Several residents asked me to run for Town Council in 1988 and I served as a councilman from 1988 to 2019 when I ran for Mayor and won.

3.) What do you believe are the most important qualities of a good mayor?

The Mayor is a volunteer position that requires dedication to the community, compassion, being supportive of the residents, hearing their concerns and being available when necessary.

4.) What are Branchville’s greatest strengths?

Our strength is our caring for our neighbors. We know that we can count on each other because we are like family.

5.) What are Branchville’s greatest needs?

We could use a local business where we could buy gas for lawnmowers or quick pick up of food items like milk and bread.

6.) If elected, what goals do you hope to achieve in your new term?

l will continue to assist in cleaning up unsafe buildings and making this community a safer place to live and make it appealing for new neighbors to move here.

7.) Is there anything that has been said about you by your opponent or others during the campaign that you would like to directly counter or respond to in this space?

In the past 2 years I as Mayor and the Town Council have been accused of stealing, lying, harassment and much more. This coming from a narcissistic person on a Facebook page is a complete falsehood. We do not get paid for our service to this community.