Branchville mayor candidate: Cynthia Marie Calos

Published 9:30 pm Sunday, October 29, 2023

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1.) Can you briefly summarize why you decided to run for election as the mayor of Branchville? 

I have decided to run because this town needs a leader that is here for change for the people who reside in Branchville, a community to bond together.

2.) What experience and achievements would you cite that support your bid as being the best candidate to serve as Branchville’s mayor for the next four years? 

I’m a very independent woman who has been through a lifetime of hardships and I believe that my willingness to put support and listen to my community I can help.

3.) What do you believe are the most important qualities of a good mayor? 

Honesty and integrity and to listen to the voters needs and wants 

4.) What are Branchville’s greatest strengths? 

There are a lot of amazing people that live here and have love for this town 

5.) What are Branchville’s greatest needs? 

People need a small store and a park for the kids and a lot of the elderly need help with home repairs and just community things that would help them get out a little.

6.) If elected, what goals do you hope to achieve in the forthcoming term? 

I hope to get funding for housing repairs and to have groups for women to attend like maybe a book club or tea time something to get the community together. I would.also like to get the teens and children here something to do with their free time,  like maybe a basketball team or something on that side. 

7.) Is there anything that has been said about you by your opponent or others during the campaign that you would like to directly counter or respond to in this space? 

Yes a lot has been said but I will not mention some of it. I did have an incident where my town taxes were paid and they had the sheriff come to my house and serve me court papers for court knowing they had already cashed my money order 15 days before they made the court date.  When I went to court I was not allowed to ask why that was allowed to cash someone’s money and they send a court date not only that have a sheriff knock on my door. I had a mini stroke a couple years back and didn’t need the much added stress that the town treasurer or the mayor have brought me since I announced my candidacy. When I handed out flyers she told the town people to bring me to court on charges and that I was not running. It was a joke.