Southampton County treasurer candidate: Tiffany Kindred

Published 9:11 pm Tuesday, October 24, 2023

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1.) Can you briefly summarize why you decided to run for election as Southampton County treasurer? 

I decided to run for Treasurer by the Leading of the Holy Spirit; the encouragement of co-workers, friends and family; and because of the need for stability, transparency, and positive change in the Treasurer’s office. 

2.) What experience and achievements would you cite that support your bid as being the best candidate to serve as the county’s treasurer? 

My years of working at Southampton County Treasurer’s office (along with my combined work history) have equipped me to be a viable candidate for the office of Treasurer. While working in the Treasurer’s office, I took all the necessary courses at University of Virginia (Weldon Cooper Center) to receive my certification and earn the title “Master Governmental Deputy Treasurer”. 

My additional work experience includes: Professional Bank Teller at Bank of America,Member Service Representative at Bronco Federal Credit Union, Member Records Specialist at Bronco Federal Credit, Deputy Treasurer at Southampton County Treasurer’s Office and Accounting Technician at Southampton County’s Finance Department (current position.)

3.) What do you believe are the most important qualities of a good treasurer? 

I believe the most important qualities of a good treasurer are: Integrity, Impartiality, Propensity to learn and Analytical and problem solving skills.

4.) If elected, what goals do you hope to achieve in the forthcoming term? 

The goals I hope to achieve are as follows: Develop office policies and procedures that are in compliance with all county, state and federal laws. Explore and implement new strategies to collect delinquent taxes, equip employees of the Treasurer office with the tools, training, and information needed to fulfill required duties, establish timely and accurate reconciliation of bank statements, complete financial transactions accurately and efficiently; and modernize communication efforts with citizens of Southampton County.

5.) Is there anything that has been said about you by your opponent or others during the campaign that you would like to directly counter or respond to in this space?