Featured ground acts at the 2023 Isle of Wight County Fair

Published 9:29 pm Wednesday, September 13, 2023

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Firefighter Training Show

The Firefighter Training Show plays off every child’s curiosity to one day be a “Firefighter – Hero.”

The show allows volunteers from the audience, usually kids but we can use adults, to become our firefighter trainees(audience participation show). After being fitted in fire jacket and helmet the new trainees are introduced to the audience as their next generation of heroes and the volunteer firefighters are divided into two teams.

When the alarm tones sound calling engine one to duty it’s all trainees on deck. Each firefighter trainee/team gets to complete the basic tasks at our simulated fire scene: laying out fire hose, attaching it to the fire truck and putting on a nozzle. Using a real fire extinguisher to squirt water at simulated flames in our smoke rescue building in hopes they can knock the flames out of the window putting out the fire.(To enhance the simulated fire effect we use an odorless, non-toxic, white smoke; smoke dissipates in about 1 to 3 minutes) The dialog between our fire chief the audience and the new trainees is riddled with humor and educational information such as, in case of fire “Get Outside and Stay Outside” only firefighters attempt rescues. In between fire alarms the fire chief also introduces important fire safety lessons “Don’t Hide, Get Outside” and “Crawl Low, Under Smoke.”

Southwest Dairy Farmers Mobile Dairy Classroom

The Mobile Dairy Classroom Assembly brings agriculture right to the fairgrounds teaching patrons new vocabulary, the anatomy of a cow, how milk goes from the cow to the table, and the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.


As Seen On America’s Got Talent

Jorge, Natalya, their daughters Katerina, and Isabella, and their dogs have been performing together for over ten years throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean with constant success. These rescue dogs of all sizes are carefully trained to their natural abilities and individual talents and have WOWED audiences all over the world.

This incredible family show is full of energy and amazing tricks!


People of all ages line up to meet MAX POWER and take photos with him & NITRO.

At 9′ tall & 5′ wide and decorated with extensive LED lighting, MAX POWER towers over crowds – visible from across the grounds. MAX’s detailed facial features make him photogenic & life-like. MAX walks, talks, dances, and more – creating an instant party wherever he shows up! Equipped with a built in sound system for playing music and interacting with guests, MAX runs the show solo when he isn’t with his monster truck NITRO.


Rock-N-Circus is a one of a kind high energy, fast paced circus stunt show.

The show features juggling, trampoline, cube spinning, aerial stunt loop, magic, audience participation and a 65 foot high dive that will leave audiences of all ages breathless.

This Show Rocks!